Discussion Nursing Dissertation


5.1 Introduction

This is an in-depth explanation of the findings and analysis done in chapter four. Burnout on A&E nurses is synonymous to the usual burnout on general nurses. Therefore, the findings of the general nurses can be used to conclude the causes and effect of burnout on A&E nurses. The chapter provides a discussion of each objective of the study. It provides a discussion of the results analyzed in the earlier chapter.

5.2 Discussion on main  objectives of the study

The study shows that nurses are working 8-hours or less recorded a few cases of burnouts than 12-hours; this indicates that nurses get overworked leading to fatigue. The GPs experience a high level of stress emotional exhaustion, feelings of depersonalization. There is a need to deal with these issues to prevent burnout and encourage GPs to develop interests of working promoting job satisfaction retaining the workforce.

The study gives evidence of how GPs across the career path is going through; work overload, lack of control, insufficient reward and conflict leading. Such factors lead to nurse burnout.  Job satisfaction is related to lower burnouts, raised global empowerment, organization support, increased psychological empowerment, the cohesion of work groups, and personal achievements poor relationships and work leadership and inadequate supervisory support increase burnout among nurse. This is applicable to the A&E nurses and we conclude that fatigue is one of the causes of burnout affecting them.

Policies that affect nurses negatively in hospitals should be implemented to ensure professional satisfaction and reduce nurses burnout. There is a need for adequate staffing in all departments, fair pay of nurses, implementation of corrective actions, and identifying potential sources of turnover. Giving 8-hours shifts gives the nurses time to rest avoiding errors that would have been caused. To prevent burnout and to encourage GPs nurses, hospitals should develop strategies and protect interests that may affect health care, promoting job satisfaction, and morale to retain the current workforce. Also, the A&E nurses requires to be well remunerated, work less hours following short schedules to ensure that they have sometime to do their duties and rejuvenate their energy.

The answer on whether working hours should be 12 or 8 is still not clear. New structures for professionalism and organization at the workplace are being put in place to ensure that managers and supervisors identify stress, depression, and burnout in nurses early. To identify the signs of burnout, managers should provide clinical psychology for the nurses, open communication medium between the management and nurses, provision of team building and retreats, and work compensations for extra work shifts. This is because nurses and other health professionals in England are becoming more significant both in the short term and long term, to ensure quality provision of services to patients.

Sick leaves, absenteeism, and resignation for nurses are attributed to depression, burnout, and job dissatisfaction. Nurses should have enough rest between work schedules, flexible work schedules, reducing workload intensity and volume, out-of-hour commitments, frequent work motivation, and incentive payments. This will ensure that nurses are confident and comfortable at work, leading to job satisfaction.

Improved models for professionalism and organization in management are being implemented, reducing the worsening workforce crisis in England. This can be done by improving the work environment, patient and staff morale. Increasing the time spent among the A&E nurses and improving communication skills supports management of burnout. Psychological distress and trauma among nurses can be managed by providing clinical psychiatrists.

5.3 Summary

Improving the physical, psychological and mental state of the A&E nurses raises the standards of quality of patient care.

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