Discussion Questions


Discussion Questions for Live Session, Module 6:
1. Review the revenues and expenses table (7.8) in the textbook. There are five major revenue categories listed (i.e., top is rooms lowest is gift shop). Choose one revenue category. If you were the general manager of the Prosperity Point Hotel, what would be one specific strategy you might use to increase revenues for that category in 2023? And what is one specific strategy you might use to decrease costs in that category?
2. Review the 100 Hotel Trends You Need to Watch article shared above. Select three trends (in three distinct categories) you believe are most likely to grow in upcoming years. For each trend, share your rationale why these are high growth trends.
3. Review the Hotels and Vacation Rentals categories and be familiar with the categories for each as well as the differences between hotels and vacation rentals, as defined by Google. Select one category from hotels and one category from vacation rentals that you have not stayed in before. For each category, answer the following: (a) Find a property online which would fit the category you selected, and share a link, photo, and short description; (b) Who would this property appeal to? (c) What would be one advantage of staying in this type of property? (d) What would be one disadvantage?
Please answer questions in complete sentences directly answering the questions. Please let me know if you have any questions. table 7.8 is attached 

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