Diversity and Inclusion Discussion


Instructions (Textbooks: Byrd, M., & Scott, C. (2018). Diversity in the workforce: Current issues and trends (2nd ed.). Routledge. ISBN-13: 978-1138731431 ISBN-10: 1138731439 (available on Kindle)Donovan, M. & Kaplan, M. (2019) The inclusion dividend (2nd ed.). DG Press. ISBN-13: 978-1732726208 ISBN-10: 1732726205 (available on Kindle)Syed, J., Klarsfeld, A., Ngunjiri, F.W., & Hartel, C. (2018) Religious diversity in the workplace. Cambridge University Press. ISBN-13: 978-1107136038 (hardback) ISBN: 978-1-316-50173-3 (paperback) (available on Kindle)
For this Critical Assignment you will conduct an assessment of an organization’s behavior, initiatives, and policies regarding diversity and inclusion. It is recommended that you utilize an organization that you are closely affiliated with, preferably a current or previous employer.

The final assignment must include:

Part I
1. Evaluate the organization’s cultural diversity and inclusion initiatives, recruitment, and training. In this section include:  

a) Describe any diversity initiatives or practices in-depth (frequency, who is involved, communication about the initiatives) and then assess if current diversity practices are effective, why or why not?

b) How does the organization and leadership specifically recruit and encourage diverse applicants? Diagnose and assess if these practices are effective; why or why not?
c) How are diverse teams and collaborative groups organized? Assess if the current organization of groups and teams is effective why or why not?
2.  Describe the workforce diversity statistics within the organization
a) Percentage of ethnic minorities
b) Males vs females
c) Females vs males in leadership positions
d) Ethnic minorities in leadership positions
e) Individuals with disabilities
f) Individuals with disabilities in leadership positions  
3.  Describe the organization’s efforts toward mentoring programs, internships, and paths to advancement within the organization for minorities, women, and individuals with disabilities.
a) Examine specific mentoring, training, or internship programs in place to encourage the advancement of ethnic minorities and women toward leadership positions?
b) Examine these advancement initiatives for effectiveness. Be specific regarding the strengths and opportunities for growth of these initiatives.  
Part II
4.  After you have completed a comprehensive assessment of the organizational behaviors, initiatives, policies regarding diversity and inclusion, consider that this organization’s leader has asked you to make a recommendation for one impactful practice, change, or initiative to enhance diversity and inclusion within the organization. What would you propose be changed or added?
a) Diagnose the organizational issue regarding diversity and inclusion that warrants enhancing and/or changing. Be specific.
b) Make a recommendation for the change and provide a rationale for how the proposed changes will enhance organizational collaboration, performance, and cohesiveness. You must use citations from our course texts, videos, research articles, case studies, or outside credible sources to support your proposed recommendation.  
c) Identify a plan for implementing the change. Consider the timeframe for implementation, participants, stakeholders, the role of leadership for the change. You must use frameworks, theories, or models from our course texts, and include citations from research articles, case studies, or outside credible sources to support your change initiative plan.  
5. Evaluate and discuss any ethical considerations and/or repercussions of the proposed change. How does your personal faith and values inform your analysis of the need for and recommendations for the change?

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