DJU Marketing Analytics Discussion


This assignment is designed to measure your understanding in the class materials presented throughout the semester. Suppose that you are working at a firm as a marketing manager. To make a better decision than your rival or the best decision of your marketing, what kinds of data you would collect and how to analyze the data. Please specific an analytical technique (linear regression, logistic regression, discriminant analysis, decision tree, neural network, association/path analysis, and so on) and the reason that you select this technique. What are you supposed to be? The evaluation criteria are as follows: (1) Creativity: 30% (if you develop a new idea and/or your own idea(s)) (2) Application: 50% (if you apply what we have learned to a real situation) (3) Clarity: 20% (if your sentences are free from grammatical mistakes, are logically predicated, can deliver what you want to say to a reader, and so on)

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