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Assignment Content Incorporate feedback and recommendations received from course colleagues about the framework and significance of the study in this week’s discussions, and: Input your updated framework in the “Topic Theories” section of the Prospectus Template. Input your updated significance of the study discussion in the “Significance of the Study” section of the Prospectus Template. Provide a list of 5 to 10 references in APA format that are relevant to the proposed study in the “Topic Literature” section of the Prospectus Template. Include 1–2 sentences with each reference to describe the relevance of the literature to the proposed study. Describe the proposed process for collecting data from the research sample and from any archival sources in the “Research Data Collection Strategy” section of the Prospectus Template. Revise all sections of your Prospectus Template submitted in the Wk 7 – Prospectus: Research Methodology (Proposed Method and Design) and Research Questions assignment based on faculty feedback and the work you completed throughout this course.

Running head: Proposed Dissertation
Proposed Dissertation
Samantha Powell
University of Phoenix
Jim Lane
August 22, 2022
Proposed Dissertation
Proposed Dissertation
Problem Statement
Remote working causes many problems to an organization, resulting in poor
performance. Challenges, including the poor collaboration of employees, difficulties in
managing projects, building and maintenance of tasks, and evaluation of productivity, are
experienced (Brooks, 2021). Organizations find themselves in a dilemma of choosing the best
ways to use to increase productivity for remote workers. Companies that utilize remote working
highly record low profitability and customer loyalty than those that use the strategy (Gigi &
Sangeetha, 2020). The customers face difficulties in interacting with the company employees,
especially where issues they want to be addressed require a physical meeting for effective
results. Intentions to increase flexibility in work resulted in a doubling of remote working in the
United States over the past two decades (Kossek et al., 2015). Remote working is one of the
significant factors contributing to employees’ low motivation levels in an organization. When
employees work remotely, they are isolated and experience loneliness since they lack the
opportunity to interact with others. Past studies indicate that remote working increases the
motivation of employees (Zamani et al., 2021). However, remote workers face many challenges
which make them demotivated. Numerous online meetings and unrealistic performance
expectations with high pressure of meeting deadlines for tasks assigned lead to stress. A worklife conflict arises especially affecting the female employees who are more engaged in domestic
responsibilities. Motivation is essential for increased worker performance even when working
from home (Zamani et al., 2021). This study will explore how remote working lowers the levels
of an organization’s employee motivation.
Proposed Dissertation
Purpose Statement
This qualitative research will examine remote working to identify how it leads to
employees’ low motivation levels. Bhumika (2020) explored the relationship between work-life
balance and emotional exhaustion among employees working from home because of measures
proposed to reduce the spread of covid 19. The research noted that male and female remote
workers were not differently affected by work conflict while working from home. Emotional
stress was recorded from the participants. This study will focus on both private and public
institutions. Social and group interactions will be examined among the workers and the
contribution of remote working to reduced workers’ performance. More so, the study shall
explore the positive impacts of working from home and how to improve the motivation levels of
these workers for increased productivity.
Research methodology and Design
Research Method
The study will adopt a qualitative approach in order to explore the impact of remote working on
employee motivation. The method involves the collection of non-numerical data and its analysis
to generate ideas and understand concepts and experiences concerning a given subject. In
particular, to contribute to the self-determination theory and to develop new theories regarding
remote working and its impact on employee motivation, a qualitative approach is crucial.
Since this study is concerned with the workers’ personal experience while in a remote
environment, their responses and emotional insights are crucial. In particular, a qualitative
approach will be used since it tends to involve non-numerical information, which is investigated
Proposed Dissertation
in this study (Gehman et al., 2017). Also, the result from this approach will be descriptive, which
will help to draw various inferences from the obtained data. Finally, the qualitative approach will
help to generate ideas on how to address the problem of low motivation resulting from remote
Research design
In order to investigate the research question, I will engage private and public institutions to
connect with their employees who could be part of this investigation. Therefore, this study can
be considered a case study of the involved public and private institutions (Gibbert et al., 2008).
Also, to gather the empirical data needed, employees from the institutions collaborating with the
researcher will be interviewed, which will help to offer an individual experience and perspective
concerning the research questions. Finally, a literature review on the subject will be conducted,
which will be crucial when defining the theoretical boundaries and developing interview
questions (Durach et al., 2017).
An interpretativistic and inductive approach will be the most adequate for this study since
one of this research objectives is to contribute to the existing motivation theory and generate
insights regarding the future after Covid-19. Also, this study does not rely on hypotheses and
theories in earlier research. Ultimately, these methods are able to offer the methodological fit
required to address our study questions.
Research questions
To assess how remote work has impacted employees at their new workplaces, the researcher
formulated the following questions to help in the study:
Proposed Dissertation

What are the merits and demerits of working remotely?

What is the influence of individual conditions on employee motivation in regard to
remote working?

How does working remotely influence the satisfaction of psychological needs related to
Proposed Dissertation
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lockdown: Exploring gender difference in emotional exhaustion in the Indian setting.
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Proposed Dissertation
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A study of work from home motivation among employees. International Journal of Asian
Social Science, 11(8), 388-398.

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