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The final portion of your course project is to create a theoretical analysis of your case study. Using research support, apply developmental theory to the specific aspects of your case study. Include any generalizations related to the target population that might be implied from the case study. (Domestic Abuse Victims) Women Age 25). A minimum of 1-2 page is required for the analysis.
Use a person in your case study. Compare client behavior to that of a typical person of that age development socially, physically, cognitive, emotionally. You could use Albert Mendoza Social theory to help your case study as well.
Rubrics :
 1)Applies developmental theory specific to the age and life stage of the case study. 
Rubrics Must Be Followed!!
Covers areas of physical, cognitive, emotional, and social development. 40 pts
 2)Draws conclusions and generalizations related to theoretical principles of development for the target population.  40 pts
 3)  Follows standard mechanics for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and writing style. Any references are cited in APA format. A minimum of 1-2 page in length is presented. 20 pts
 Please use in-text citations and list references. 

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