Effectiveness And Usefulness Of Big Data Learning Program

Effectiveness and usefulness of learning program

There are lot of data in the company that evaluated by multinational organizations with taking help of smart computers to represent the patterns and trends that are regarded as the big data analysis. There are four kind of category of big data such as velocity, variety, veracity and volume (De Mauro, Greco and Grimaldi, 2015). I have observed that businesses and entrepreneurs gather data from number of resources and accumulate it to make effective information for making decision regarding the growth of the business. Along with this I have learnt that big data strategies are helpful for the organizations to achieve the competitive advantages. I have found that big data is able to data cleaning and data alignment and there are various big data techniques that facilitates researcher to attain the objectives of the company without getting afraid of losing data (Demchenko, De Laat  and Membrey, 2014).

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I have found that there are lot of effectiveness of this program on big data analysis because there are lot of companies such as automotive industry, retail industry, banking services, e-commerce and many more that attain huge advantages due to use of this approach. I have learnt that there are many companies that facing the concerns of big data analysis but it can be removed easily if company approach effective strategies such as strong privacy system to prevent this kind of hampers. (Manyika, et. al., 2011). There are number of purposes to use big data such as 360 degree customer view, various channel marketing, e-commerce, gamming, pricing and gamming. If I focus in the value of this experience, I have analysed that the use of big data has enhanced in every industry that would be facilitated for me to understand the entire concept of the big data (Elgendy  and Elragal, 2014). I have observed from previous assignments that big data has the potential of recording from number of sources and gathered the huge data (Davenport, 2014). However, I have found that there are number of challenges in using of bid data such as locations, identifications and understanding the data. These can be reduced by taking consideration of appropriate strategies within the organization.

In this course, I have discovered that big data analysis has huge concept and it can be explained as high volume, velocity and a variety of information which is considered as assets. I have learnt that the role of big data in the organization is huge as it facilitates to increase the customer attention and reduce the operation costs. Along with that, I come to know that there are number of sources to gather the information regarding big data. Many organizations get benefitted as it permits to the company to recognize the errors instantly without committing any mistakes. I have learnt that big data is a term which facilitates in developing the proper strategy and analyze the information. Along with that this learning experiences will assist me to in my future career regarding the understanding about the big data analysis (McAfee, et. al., 2012). I have researched that there is a great example of big data analysis in the context of Amazon Company. For instance, an individual visits any online shopping sites to search out any products and services for which they are desired and did not buy those things but start surfing other social sites. The role of big data analysis in the context of Amazon Company is that this company can attain the information about the searched products by the customers and start to show them on each and every social media site which is being used by customers. This strategy increases the interest of customers to buy the products and amplify the sales revenue of the company significantly (Zhang  and Wildemuth, 2016).

Included point in the learning process

In the learning process, both data collection method have been considered to gather the information regarding the research topic. It has been observed by me that there are some negative influences as well of big data which may impact the entire process of the company. I used secondary data information to get more knowledge about the research topic and I found through the journal articles that the use of big data in the organization is increased. I learned that response from various respondents can be collected in an efficient manner to know their perception regarding the research issues with the help of questionnaire. The questionnaire has entailed 3 questions and it has been found that various industries apply the concepts of big data. It has been evaluated by me by taking help of journal articles that the hard task in the research project of data evaluation is to recognize the correlations among the characteristics. I found that it is the basic requirement for the organization to develop the latest and innovative ideas for optimum using the big data in more efficient way.

The role of business research in my research learning process was very helpful because it facilitates me to use big data in the organizations. I observed that the business research facilitated me to understand that how the data can be gathered with an efficient manner with taking various approaches and strategies of research (Eschweiler, Rabuck-Gibbons, Tian and Ruotolo, 2015). There are number of organizations that can be getting advantages as they could create the distinct image amongst its competitors along with the customer satisfaction. I have learned that the data can be classified into three ways such as unstructured data; semi structured data and structured data. I have found from the previous study that big data has the feature of is identify the chunk of the data in which the feature of veracity dependent on the source that whether data is credible or not before converting into sensible data (Hartmann, Zaki, Feldmann and Neely, 2016). This learning process helps me to understand that the simply data collection is not obliging to do evaluation or analysis, we should process in which the raw data through making filtration and then it would convert into analytical data. I have learnt throughout the assignment that there are various big data techniques such as cluster analysis, data mining, text analysis and crowd sourcing. Along with that I got knowledge regarding big data technology such as product visualization, MapReduce and Hadoop which are the Java based technology.

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Last two assessments are being prepared to analyze the proposition of big data examination in terms of organizations. The big data analytical tool has the efficiency to offer real time analytical in relation to their services and products. These kinds of activities in the business encourage amplifying the sales and revenues along with that production volume of demanded products. I did particular activities because the concept of each activity is different from each other as first assignment facilitates me to understand the project objective, project scope and the literature review of the big data for various organizations (Wamba, Akter, Edwards, Chopin and Gnanzou, 2015). Second assignment has been made on research methodology that facilitates me to give proper understanding about how can we collect data in the term of research topic. I expanded my understanding towards two kinds of sampling method probability and non-probability sampling method. The research gap increases my knowledge that there are various things which can be considered while making the research. With the help of particular activities, I am able to increase my knowledge regarding primary and secondary data collection method along with the research designs. These techniques could help me to get specific data in the term of the current research subject.

This learning will be applied in the future to boost the information about the use of big data in various organizations so that they can catch the attention of a number of customers in effective manner without devoting time and cost in pointless things. I enhanced my knowledge towards the statistical tools which is necessary for the research to get an authentic results. Apart from that this research study facilitated me to achieve my professional and personal skills. In the point of view of future, this research strategy would be facilitated me to understand the concept of big data which increase the sale of the organization and my knowledge towards big data. I have observed that the cost of big data platform is higher but the outcomes from this platform are more effectual which helpful in achieving aims and objectives of the organization. I found that questionnaire has significance impact over the research that has described in graph. My understanding towards making graph and tabular form to present the data is increased during the learning process which facilitates me in my future sophistically. As per my point of view, the organizations are required to consider effective structure of the business in which optimum use of big data analysis can be done.


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