Eltransit Services: Unique School And Medical Transportation In San Francisco, USA

Services Offered

Eltransit services are a non-emergence transportation service based in San Francisco, USA. This entrant business will primarily be specializing in school transportation for students with and without special needs.  Fundamentally, Eltransit services plans to be unique in its transportation of anticipated services.  Eltransit is an establishment by a collaboration of John Smith, service field veteran with a number of successful companies in San Francisco and his counterpart, the retired Great North Haulers’ manager, Dennis Skirl. The duo is determined to bring quality, timely and affordable formula means for pickup services to the San Francisco residents and later to the whole of United States with its plans to install a 24×7 functioning on top of onboard assistance availability. This report delves into the company’s business plan covering the market size, competitors, overall strategy as well as the business model itself based on business plan guidelines Gartner and Teague, (2017).

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While looking to gain its foot now, Eltransit is planning to enter in transportation for the patients in a private-pay consensus. The establishment also seeks to engage in the transportation of clients to and from medical appointments in San Francisco. In addition, wheelchair and stretcher assistance together with a unique service for the elderly by helping them from door to door are components of the business plans Ellet, (2017).   A specialty support will also be in the offing for the disabled and special needs groups as well as for personal and team activities with special help besides local grocery store ride discounts all these with the projection of making $500,000 annually. It also has a target of reaching $900,000 in 3 years. Eltransit expansion plans involve adding to its fleet of cars and personnel as well operation scope and spread even to Los Angeles where the set to engage in a successful market penetration (Bryman and Bell, 2015).

While maintaining waiting times at its minimal, this emphasis will ensure timely destination arrivals and departures. Eltransit will also be starting contract transportation. This scheme targets the massive health facilities and medical practitioners. All the aforementioned will be steered by experienced and professional drivers for safety and quality purposes.

A revelation by an Industry research firm stated that the average US citizen has used a transportation services at least twice a day on their day-to-day operations. In addition, at least 50 % of the clients stick to their known and trusted transportation service providers under a simple condition, efficiency. In line with that static, the Eltransit services strategies and operations are designed around the efficiency and uniqueness concepts. No client will ever think of boarding any other vehicle apart from Eltransit services. In order for the company to exploit the insight from the research, Eltransit will be unveiling a unique transportation service where clients will be to request transportation services accustomed on their schedules of work, schools timetable or even medical checkups (Yusof, 2015).

Market Analysis and Competition

The Taxify, Uber and San Francisco cabs are the main contestants in the region. All the three companies are steadfast in the provision of viable transportation services to its customers. They have been in the transportation field for a while and have heavily invested in the sector. Eltransit label mark differentiation and affirmation will be sourced from American label with patriotism portraits as well as vigor that shows quality and service of making the transportation services in the city great again.

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Primary means of marketing will be online through Exploitation of analytic-driven modes such as paid search and SEO, doubled with bankrolling on social networking avenues such as, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram are the online means, which will be used primarily for marketing services.  User-generated content and engagements, as well as client-induced content, are other fundamentals because of the inclusion of customer pages in Instagram photos and customer pride promotion in the company’s services.

The automobiles for the non-emergence transportation services will be acquired from the American Toyota company from where they will be registered and tracking devices mounted on them before being deployed in the various stations. The vehicles will all bear the yellow color as legislated in the commercial vehicle Act. On top of the primary yellow color, blue also be included for more vibrant Eltransit vehicles. The main office in San Francisco will be handling all day-to-day Eltransit operations although plans are underway to open another office in Los Angeles in 12 months time. With the contribution from Smith and Skirl, some private outlay, and family and friends of the duo founders, Eltransit funding plan was thrashed aside Bocken, (2016).

Headquartered at San Francisco, Eltransit is a company that is centered on emergency transportation services and offering unparalleled transportation services to its target clients of San Francisco. Established by the highly rated and retired Great North Haulers manager, Mr. Skirl and his admirable and competent service industry partner, Mr. Smith a year ago, the duo is focused in getting things rolling after a year of preparatory and planning mode. Online operations are in the pipeline and would be commenced after the non-emergence transportation gain momentum.

After the two close friends working encounters in their respective fields, they came to a common opportunistic conclusion concerning transportation services, uniqueness.  With the transport industry in deep ethical crisis following unequal customer treatment, delayed picking and dropping of its clients as designated and other special transportation gaps, the duo saw a chance and had to move in swiftly.

Marketing Strategies

The duo holds a straightforward vision for Eltransit,   anticipated transportation services with ingrained uniqueness in its operations. Rolling out a well-choreographed approach and involvement of highly proficient business experts will become handy in attaining this grand vision. The business commits to offering its wide range of clients a taste of uniqueness and quality at its best. The patients in a private-pay consensus are set to get value for their money. The establishment also seeks to engage in the transportation of clients to and from medical appointments in San Francisco but under the roof of uniqueness Barret,Obom and Orlikowski (2016)

The Eltransit services way of delivering value to its San Francisco customers, how they pay for the value offered to them and conversion of the payments made to the business proceeds follow a franchise model of business. The Eltransit business is structured to operate both physically and online when automation of its services kicks off Daily, Kieff and Wilmarth (2014).

Eltransit non-emergence transportation services are a private establishment. The company operates in a partnership proprietorship of the duo Mr. Skirl and Mr. Smith. The management is hierarchical. All shares of Eltransit are held with the duo founders. The revenues from the services offered to the San Francisco resident go directly into a savings account that accrues further profits. The proceeds are then shared in a 50-50 % between the two after three months.

Eltransit is set to start physically then start an online engagement with its clients. An intended market penetration into the rivals’ dominated areas also in the pipeline. The aim of the Eltransit transportation remains to offer specialty school transportation those learners with and without f special needs, those Private-pay patients including transportation to and from medical appointments as well as those in Stretchers and wheelchair assisted patients.

In addition, the elderly will get a helping hand and not forget those that have special needs and disabilities. The company’s objective is to keep up with continuous support and services for its customers, keeping wait times at their lowest and maintaining professionalism at its best Vivek, Beatty and Hazod, (2018).The Eltransit  has divided its plan into two phases :

First is to Increase the number of customers and area coverage by at least 20 percent by the first-month end then Partner other 2 or more institutions either, health or learning institution as a means of increasing client coverage. This will be followed by Establishing and spreading the news through the social platforms of Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter and finally, Developing an online platform for easy and efficient customer engagements

Fleet and Operations

This second part will commence with brick-and-mortar operations capability exploration via testing operations in rival territories followed by developing further the partnership Created in the first phase scaling operations in every region with necessary adjustments as demanded by the market.

A recent survey on transportation services in the US through the last decade has insightful revelations. The survey revealed that transportation revenue totaled over $ 50 billion and is set go even rise to over $60 billion by 2020. The report also stated that San Francisco ranks third in transportation service with cities like New York and Los Angeles taking the leads. San Francisco was however placed in the category of countries to rapidly grow in the coming years, which puts our company Eltransit at the center of the cake.

A similar report, concentrating solely on customer services in San Francisco had a shocking revelation of satisfied clients, communication breakdown amongst the stakeholders where three in every five customers was either angry or disappointed in their last transportation encounters. This is an explanation good enough to make Eltransit ensure 5 out of 5 get the best of transportation services.

Nevertheless, customer behavior had some interesting findings. A massive 67 percent of US citizens use transportation services based on its label. Again, 72 percent of the population prefers using the same label as they used before with the males transportation service loyalty higher at 63 percent than their counterpart females at 42 percent.

Digging deep, the special category suffered a lot with no caregivers or special reservation for them. Ninety seven percent of vehicles in the transportation sector had no specialty groups reservations fitted in them.  This is the reason for the growing demand for such services. This means the Eltransit has an even higher market size in this area due to the aforementioned business strategy and investment. Further, a deeper look suggested that 80 percent of the population with special needs preferred non-emergence services for their conditions to keep them in the fair position to deal with their situation

Seventy one percent of customers were ready to pay more for an effective and quality service. Such trends are what is forcing those companies in the field like Taxify to invest more in modern and classic vehicle designs for their customers. Eltransit non-emergence transportation services champion for all of the above-combined facts. With its quality, differentiation techniques centered on uniqueness, the company is set to offer fitting solutions to the issues raised in the report.

Company Structure and Revenue Model

There are three main rivals in the city although other smaller companies exist also. Knowing them inside out will make it easy to gain the competitive edge (Nair, 2018). Taxify – This LA-based company has been enjoying charging its clients exorbitant prices for inefficient services including delays in picking up clients as well as communication disparities. Its strengths include advertisement prowess, which our company can also get to as  (Grant 2016) in his Contemporary strategy analysis states.

Uber – is based in New York, the firm operates internationally covering almost 54 nations globally. It is grounding in affordability rates and hiring of its vehicles instead of purchasing them. It is currently faced with an increase in price fuels, which means its profit margin is so minimal. 

San Francisco cabs – Headquartered in San Francisco, the transportation godfather in the city has enjoyed monopoly until Uber was introduced spelling its death and service deterioration .its sustainable efforts of living according to the wage demands of its staff as a motivation strategy has however not brought much Hawkey, (2017).

There exists, developed companies in the transportation field here in San Francisco, however that will even make it better in achieving greater heights with the best of approaches put in place for all of our target markets Moon and Alle, (2015). At Eltransit, every stakeholder strongly believes that the service industry professional together with driving legendary combined with a focus on uniqueness in the anticipated transportation services are all the tools we require to shoot to the highest ranks in this competition. Putting our customers’ needs in the forefront, ensuring their satisfaction atop immediate feedback on queries raised all in a unique format remains the business’s strategic plan to achieving its target Foss and Saebi, (2017).

Leveraging the private transportation heritage in the US is another component of our plans. Efficiency, professionalism, and uniqueness will all be at its best to make happy clients who will then spread the admirable services leading to growth in numbers because of the referrals (Crane and Mattens, 2016).

Age will from the school going age of  7 years to the elderly at the 80s as we as the Disabled and elderly who are the customers that transportation services has not given required attention and will, therefore, be enjoying our services. Clients with extensive medical checkups referring to the patients undergoing continuous active medical checkups and sessions that will be on and off the hospital are our other target members anticipated schedules.

Expansion and Growth Plans

Specialty institutions entailing   those institutions attending to children that demand specialized attention as well as transportation service and the  Wheelchair and stretcher patients, where this target group covers those clients seeking medication but can only move around with assistance of wheelchairs and stretcher, our trained driving assistants will professionally handle them are other target market for Eltransit service.

In addition, Privacy oriented clients like those patients that are under special treatment and need privacy extremes. In addition, those customers that enjoy traveling with some personal privacy will surely enjoy this service and finally, Location wise Eltransit services will be operational at its strategic locations of San Francisco. Well, extend our services to Los Angeles when our online promotion gets a breakthrough Kumar and Reinartz, (2016) .

Starting with PR where Eltransit values, company story will be communicated and be networked in leading blogs, magazines as well as other journals so that we can reach a huge number of people at a click. Secondly, SEO services referring to using keywords like unique transportation, modern transportation will make our content be ranked contentiously in search of the above keywords. Furthermore, Paid Search in which   massive investment in both Facebook Ads as well as Google Ad words will be exploited along with maximizing on conversion through the landing pages. Besides that, Instagram where the companies will kick-start competition and campaigns to boost the customer-generated portraits, which we will then upload to Eltransit’s client, pages with the aim of developing the residents around the Eltransit label and values.

Additional  Social Media under which the company’s Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest communities will get regular management by a  hired community expert besides Enhancement of the Business on which the company will track its customer trends and invest more in what they like more. This will be in support of those customers sharing in our core beliefs and values and finally, The company has in place a  refund policy in case of underserviced or inconvenience due to natural causes, all this in the effort to be unique and ensure our customer satisfaction comes first DaSilva, (2014).

Eltransit non-emergence transportations services are centered on multiple diverse partnerships. This interdependence will go a long way in cementing our partnerships with those of a durable and lasting one with room for expansion depending on the demand

With all our vehicles from the best Toyota dealers in the region, superb and commendable services to the school going students, patients and the other special groups is a guarantee. The picking and dropping schedules will be kept at its best in the keeping of company’s values. Regular checks, as well as audits, will be performed on the set procedures and practices in a move to keep a check on the non-emergence transportation services Souto, (2015)


Eltransit main office in San Francisco is situated on 2041 upper Park. it is from this office that the two directors of the company,  three administrators and four other sales and marketing personnel will be executing errands touching on the non-emergence transportation services. Automation services with online support systems as well as refunds will all be processed from this single point until an expansion plan comes into play.

To sum up, the non-emergence transportation is a hit for investment as evidenced above. With proper procedures and skilled personnel spearheaded by experienced directors, the company will rise within very short time. Playing by the competitors, market demand and efficient strategies necessities will prove to be the difference.


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