ENVS 505 Harvard University Energy Solar Panels Calculations


The picture below (in PPT#1) is old.It dates from 2010 and says we would have to install 91,250,000 solar panels every year for 50 years to equal one cubic mile of oil (one CMO, one third of global energy demand in 2010).How many 2010 solar panels in total = 1 CMO?  Today, solar panels/modules are considerably improved over 2010.Find the output and price for a typical high output solar module today.If a cubic mile of oil is 44 trillion kWh (44 terawatt hours), calculate how many modules need to be installed in 30 years not 50 years (by 2050) to produce one CMO equivalent of energy.Use a capacity factor of 20%.Write down the cost for buying this many modules.Include a reference list for all sources of information.

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