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  Social Luck Management and Program PowerPoint Presentation Congratulations! The hiring committee was impressed by your colloquy and subject consider pattern in Unit 4. You were chosened for the job and now entertain been tasked behind a while your primeval elder scheme. For this assignment, you entertain been asked to generate a negotiative PowerPoint donation (and yield notes on each slide) for the team, analyzing policies and programs in political luck, paying feature watchfulness to multiculturalism and difference, political desert, and unevenness. For this assignment, delight rejoin to the forthcoming: Slide 1: Indicate Slide Slides 2 & 3: Substantiate one political luck management connected to a elder political tenor from the textbook, such as immoral desert, slip luck, supernatural soundness, housing, or disabilities. Illustrate the aim, narrative, and main components of the management. Slide 4: Briefly illustrate how the management promotes political desert and rejoins to unevenness and institutional acuteness that favor different populations. Slides 5 & 6: Next, elimination and substantiate a program, preferably one that exists in your similarity or recite, which yields uses connected to this management. Illustrate the program’s aim or band-arms, the colony/demographics, target population, and interventions yieldd behind a whilein the program. For stance, a behavioral soundness program that serves minority ages 13-18 in a unfailing colony providing specific and bunch counseling interventions Slides 7, 8, & 9: Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of twain the management and the program in stipulations of how well-behaved-behaved it haranguees multiculturalism and difference. For stance, does the management and program specifically obtain out to different populations or does it disown or word the multicultural size of accessory? Slides 10 & 11: How does the program and management harangue at lowest two of the forthcoming: political desert principles, systemic or institutional barriers, or unevenness and destitution? Slide 12: References Assignment Guidelines Your Assignment should be a 10-slide donation, not including the indicate and allusion pages, and should involve the forthcoming elements: Title page: Yield your indicate, indicate of Assignment, career and individuality estimate, and date Body: Answer all the questions in perfect sentences and paragraphs Your responses should contemplate negotiative congeniality standards using decent tenor and conversation. The congeniality should use punish grammar, spelling, and punctuation, and the responses should contemplate enlightenment of cosmical use theories. Reference page: Sources in APA format Include a minimum of indecent scholarly, academic sources, behind a while one of these allusions entity the textbook. Use Arial or Times New Roman 12-point font Use APA Formatting and Citation phraseology If you need maintenance behind a while APA phraseology, delight scrutinize the Congeniality Center. This Assignment assesses the forthcoming Career Outcome: HN501-3: Analyze the role of multiculturalism and difference as it relates to the narrative, aim, and elder policies of cosmical uses. Submitting Your Assignment Save your smooth in a colony and behind a while a indicate that you conciliate retain. When you are easy to surrender, chosen the Unit 6 Assignment Dropbox and upload your smooth. To light your graded composition behind your schoolmaster has evaluated it, delight scrutinize your Gradebook.