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  Social Thrift Cunning and Program PowerPoint Presentation Congratulations! The hiring committee was musing by your colloquy and fact con-over illustration in Unit 4. You were clarified for the job and now accept been tasked following a while your chief main design. For this assignment, you accept been asked to produce a administrative PowerPoint grant (and collect notes on each slide) for the team, analyzing policies and programs in political thrift, paying feature heed to multiculturalism and variation, political impartiality, and unevenness. For this assignment, gladden meet to the followingcited: Slide 1: Epithet Slide Slides 2 & 3: Fulfill one political thrift cunning allied to a main political gist from the textbook, such as flagitious impartiality, slip thrift, moral bloom, housing, or disabilities. Illustrate the design, fact, and main components of the cunning. Slide 4: Briefly illustrate how the cunning promotes political impartiality and meets to unevenness and institutional discernment that feign separate populations. Slides 5 & 6: Next, investigation and fulfill a program, preferably one that exists in your order or particularize, which collects labors allied to this cunning. Illustrate the program’s design or band-arms, the colonization/demographics, target population, and interventions collectd following a whilein the program. For stance, a behavioral bloom program that serves adolescence ages 13-18 in a true colonization providing singular and knot counseling interventions Slides 7, 8, & 9: Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of twain the cunning and the program in stipulations of how well-mannered-mannered it discoursees multiculturalism and variation. For stance, does the cunning and program specifically arrive-at out to separate populations or does it repudiate or boundary the multicultural size of helping? Slides 10 & 11: How does the program and cunning dismethod at lowest two of the followingcited: political impartiality principles, systemic or institutional barriers, or unevenness and destitution? Slide 12: References Assignment Guidelines Your Assignment should be a 10-slide grant, not including the epithet and regard pages, and should apprehend the followingcited elements: Title page: Collect your designate, epithet of Assignment, method and individuality sum, and date Body: Answer all the questions in full sentences and paragraphs Your responses should advert administrative congruity standards using decent drift and conversation. The congruity should use reform language, spelling, and punctuation, and the responses should advert conversance of civilized labor theories. Reference page: Sources in APA format Include a insufficiency of immodest knowing, academic sources, following a while one of these regards substance the textbook. Use Arial or Times New Roman 12-point font Use APA Formatting and Citation spectry If you scarcity coadjutorship following a while APA spectry, gladden investigate the Congruity Center. This Assignment assesses the followingcited Method Outcome: HN501-3: Analyze the role of multiculturalism and variation as it relates to the fact, design, and main policies of civilized labors. Submitting Your Assignment Save your smooth in a colonization and following a while a designate that you gain bear-in-mind. When you are easy to surrender, chosen the Unit 6 Assignment Dropbox and upload your smooth. To representation your graded effect following your schoolmistress has evaluated it, gladden investigate your Gradebook.