Ethical Issues In The Workplace: Solving Bribery Problems With Diagnostic Tools And Ethical Theories

The Gold Watch Case Analysis

The primary purpose of the paper is to evaluate one of the ethical issues that occur in the workplace concerning my views with the help of the three diagnostic tools. The three diagnostic tools are personal values evaluation, authentic leadership self–assessment questionnaires and deciding factors about the person’s thought and action. These three tools helped me a lot to convince my boss to diminish this bribery issue that took place, and these are briefly discuss in this paper. Moreover, the ethical theories that I have used in concerning for decreasing this issue of bribery will also further reflected in this paper.             

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After reviewing the case of “The Gold Watch” I have concluded that the main ethical issue that occurs in this context is the bribery. As in this case, I have noticed that Ryan, the salesperson was doing bribery so that he could sell the watch to a purchasing officer named as Abdul of Middle East. Ryan faced problem for selling the watch, so he choose the line of bribery so that he could easily sell it to that purchasing officer (Culiberg, & Miheli?, 2016). According to my first diagnostic tool that is personal values, I will suggest that humanity business is most important for a person.

After business, the humanity attitude that I prefer are theology, political science, psychology, philosophy and lastly comes art. Also, the business attitude of a person helps him to grow it experience as well as it helps a person to increase his area of concern (Acquaah, & Tukamushaba, 2015). So following the humanity attitude if I was in place of Ryan then instead of doing bribery I would have told the purchasing officer that various others watches he also can buy and for this he need to visit the company store.

In other words, I am a great fan of Albert Einstein, the discoverer of relativity and I follow him very much because his words affected me a lot and I gained some practical knowledge from the theories and concepts proposed by Einstein. Also, concerning my value, I have the leadership qualities and organizing values, and that helps me a lot in this situation. The leadership quality helps a person to think that instead of doing bribery it will be easier to convince the purchasing officer to visit the store and purchase the watch as per his choice (Kulkajonplun, Angkasith, & Rithmanee, 2016).

Diagnostic Tools Used for Bribery Issues

I am a very spiritual person and believe in religion, and both these qualities helped me to convince other people, and in this case, I will also use it to convince the purchasing officer. According to the second diagnostic tool, authentic leadership self-assessment questionnaire, I have the characteristics of balanced processing, and authentic leadership approach and these qualities helped me to balance the thoughts of my boss and also the purchasing officer.

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With the help of these qualities, it will be easy to convince the boss that to increase the business growth if they sell the watch outside the store at low cost which will help in spreading their business in Middle East (Ballantine, Guo, & Larres, 2018). In that case, the purchasing officer will help the firm to promote their watch (Product) in the overseas market (Ferrell, 2016).

Also, I have the ability of high self-awareness and this helps to get an idea about other feelings which thereby help me to work on, so I can effortlessly convince my boss about the deal. The third diagnostic tools represent the actions and thoughts about moral and immoral attitude (Noval, & Stahl, 2017). By using this tool, I have found that I am capable of expressing my feelings towards others and this provided benefits to others. I also suggest that divine enables a person to think logically and it helps him to provide his right action in front of others. Hence, from this tool, I was able to express my thoughts in front of both the purchasing officer and boss. 

In other words, the deontological theory of ethics will help me a lot to convince my boss about my duties because this theory states that persons should be aware of their duties and obligations when they are engaged in decision-making approach in the workplace. I am doing so because if I sell the watch without bribery, then it will not only increase by respect in the company but by selling it I might be promoted to a higher rank. Besides this, in future, if someone from overseas market want to purchase the gold watch, then my boss will easily allow me to sell it on outside the store without having any hesitation, and it will easily increase his trust towards me.

After studying the case of “All Asia Airways” (AAA), I have noticed that an airline company owned by Richard Chang wanted to expand their business in both the Canadian and American market. For this reason, they have to register with the All Asia Airways because doing so they will quickly follow all US law (Palich, Neubert, & McKinney, 2016). It is noted that after registering with AAA, the airline company has faced problem in their aircraft part and for this huge loses occur.

Deontological Theory for Decreasing Bribery Issue

This problem has arisen due to the aircraft purchasing officer David Leong, and for reducing the issue, he wanted to purchase the parts from an alternative supplier named as Zadron Air Engineering so that they easily recover the plane (Jha, Varkkey, Agrawal, & Singh, 2017). Hence I can say that it is part of bribery where David wanted to purchase products through illegal way, and in this case, I will apply different approach so that this ethical issue will solve easily. 

Relating to my first diagnostic tools, I have noticed that leadership quality as well as organizing ability will help me to easily convince my boss to make a legal relationship with this aircraft part manufacturer company so that no issue will occur in purchasing parts from this firm. In other words, it can be said that a spiritual person possesses the great interest in Albert Einstein: the discovery of relativity context (Nguyen, & Tran, 2018).

The personal values of spirituality will also help me to convince the aircraft owner Richard. If they make the contract for at least one year with the Zadron Air Engineering supplier, then it became easy for them to repair all their aircrafts parts without spending much amount of time (Dion, 2017). I believe in doing business rather than psychology and philosophy, so I have to convince my boss about the fact of increasing business growth, and for this, it is essential to make the legal contract with the engineering firm.

The second diagnostic tool is based on authentic leadership self-assessment questionnaire, and this tool will help a person to provide logic in concerning this ethical issue that occurs in the workplace (Huang, 2016). I have the ability of balance processing as well as authentic leadership quality and both these approach helped me to express my feelings towards my boss and airline owner. With the help of these qualities, I can easily convince them to make a right data with this aircraft supplier firm so that both of them will be benefited as well as my risks of giving fine will also diminish easily.

In other words, I have the ability of high self-awareness, but a low moral perspective and both these qualities will help me to know the company motive, and in concern with that, I will consider the best way to approach my seniors. The third diagnostic tools are based on the deciding factor of personal thoughts and action about moral and immoral perspective.

All Asia Airways Case Analysis

From this diagnostic tool, I can easily consider my thinking ability as well as the best way of conveying of my feelings in front of others. With the help of this tool, I can easily convey my feelings towards my senior officer so that they know my problems and help me to get rid out of that position. Also, by the utilitarianism ethical theories, I can easily convey my message towards my seniors, and they will help me to get rid out of that condition.

The utilitarianism ethical theories are simply based on a person’s ability to predict the consequences of an action (Gorsira, Steg, Denkers, & Huisman, 2018). With the help of this theory, I can easily express my problems towards my seniors, and this will easily help them to predict the bitter consequences of this problem in the future. Hence without any bribing, I can easily cope up the situation, and for this, I have to convince these two people so that no issue of purchasing aircraft product will occur in coming days because I have to save myself from any sorts of guilty.

The paper concluded that with the help of various diagnostic tools I could easily solve the ethical issues of bribing that occur in both the case studies of “The Gold Watch” and “All Asia Airways.” With the help of these three diagnostic tools, I can easily cope up the situation and instead of bribing I will convince them to sell as well as the purchase of products by following logical method so that business growth will increase and I have also do not face any sorts of problem. Hence it is clear that in both these cases I have to act differently so that I can quickly solve the problem without bribing in the workplace.


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