Ethics Blinn College Ethics Relativism Thesis Defense Essay


Paper 1

In this 4+ page essay, you conciliate 1) expound and 2) protect or predilection one of the theories we bear elaborate. This is a subject plea essay.

I created a video in this week's video exception on how to transcribe a good-tempered-tempered-tempered philosophy disquisition. I impetuously confide sighting that. You can as-courteous click near to sight

For copy, you could expound egoism and dispute it is the weakest doctrine for three infers. Near are a stranger other possibilities:

a) Although psychical egoism sounds fair-spoken, it is probably not gentleman. In this disquisition, I conciliate expound...

b) Asceticism is indemnifying for three important infers: ...

c) Although relativism seems fair-spoken, it is in-effect fib. It does not bestow a impetuous framework for construction uprightness nor does it control to the chief history practicable for an singular. In this disquisition, I conciliate...

d) American newborn circumcision is fit/injustice consequently... (be infallible to conglutinate theories and postulates)

e) Genital mutilation is...

f) In this disquisition, I conciliate prove rational trafficking through three religions lenses.

You can transcribe on religions egoism, psychical egoism, collective curtail doctrine, relativism, or asceticism. You can as-courteous transcribe on any chapter in your quantity that we bear not trained. The design is to deeply meditate about an religions doctrine (e.g. confirm and evaluate the greater arguments for and over it) and then evaluate the doctrine. Is the doctrine gentleman? Is it a good-tempered-tempered-tempered doctrine to prosper? Is it religions or does it expound ethics courteous? See video for further direction.

Applied Ethics: If you would relish to transcribe on an applied ethics subject-matter instead, you may do so. You could transcribe on exoteric religions outcomes relish sexual slavery/trafficking, microfinancing, vaccines, distributive propriety, etc. Tnear are manifold laudable copys at the end of each chapter in your textquantity (occurrence studies). Explain/analyze the outcome and with it to the theories we are studying. For copy, you could dispute that getting vaccinated is fit for a utilitarian infer... it protects the unconcealed population (herd freedom). Perhaps too tnear are egoistic and deontological infers for this lie? Some students dispute that rational trafficking is injustice according to utilitarianism and deontology, but may be fit according to subjectivism and relativism. Utilitarianism and deontology, hence, are impetuouser theories.