Ethics in Social Science Discussion


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One commonly used method of protecting human subjects in social science research is informed consent. Informed consent is a process of explaining to research participants the purpose, process and key elements of research that is going to be conducted. This is accomplished through the use of a formal document that is signed for agreement by all participants.
Imagine that you are a leader in an organization that is experiencing issues with an unhealthy employee culture. Some employees are reporting feeling worn down, unappreciated and stressed out by their supervisors. You have received reports of supervisors gossiping with other employees and some employees have been posting derogatory statements about the company on social media. In some instances, complaints were made anonymously for fear of retaliation. It has become apparent that there are serious problems with the culture of the organization but you don’t know why this is happening.
The company’s leadership is interested in understanding this problem so it can be properly addressed. They have asked your department to conduct a study to help understand exactly what the problem is. You have been tasked with surveying employees about their perceptions of the organizational culture. Before you can begin surveying employees about such a sensitive topic, you need to create an informed consent sheet that will be given to each employee before they are asked to participate.

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