Evergreen Valley College Art Comedies Stereotyping Movie Censorship Question


Comedies, Stereotyping, Movie censorshipBe familiar with the different types of comedies including slapstick, romantic comedy, satire, dark comedy and screwball comedy.Why are slapstick comedies so popular and profitable? Why were slapstick comedies perfectly suited for the silent era?Know the impact that the careers of Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton had on film comedy.What are some of the top comedy genres in today’s movie world?Know the impact and evolution of the Production Code, the MPAA ratings and movie sanitizing on movies. How are Catholics and Mormons involved in movie censorship?Why is the MPAA ratings controversial and how do directors feel about the system?What financial impact do ratings have on movies? Know the differences between the ratings: G, PG, PG-13, R and NC-17.What is ratings creep? How have movie rating softened over the years?What led to the passing of the Production Code and what impact did it have on the movie industry over four decades?What led to the creation of the movie sanitizing movement? How did directors feel about it? How long did it last and why was it shut down?Why have movies had so many negative stereotypes over the last century? When was movie stereotyping at its worst and what events led to it getting better?Be familiar with director D.W. Griffith and his movie The Birth of a Nation.Be familiar with the contributions of Sidney Poitier, Step ‘N Fetchit, Hattie McDaniel and Bill Robinson.What did Sidney Poitier do during his career that impacted stereotypes?How has stereotyping impacted movies? What key events has impacted movie stereotyping over the years such as World War II?

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