EVR 1001 FSSC Conservation Biology Species the Black Rhino Report


In preparation for our lesson on biodiversity conservation you are to select one species of special concern to research. This species may be endangered, threatened, a keystone species, or any other species that plays a significant role in the biosphere. Please simply fill out the items in bold. You will need to delete my directions in each section; they are only there to guide you in filling out the Species Report. Then submit your report as a single word document including all pictures. Name:EVR1001C Semester: Term Year (Example Spring 2099) Conservation Biology Species reportDate:Common Name: (4 Points)Scientific Name: (4 Points) (Genus species) <- use correct format for scientific namesIntroduction to the Species: (10 Points) Basically describe your species in several sentences. Write as if you only had one paragraph to describe your species. Be sure to discuss why your species is of special concern and why its conservation is important. Physical Description: (10 Points) Describe what your species looks like, specify any distinct physical characteristics. Geographic Range: (10 Points) Describe the geographic area where your species lives, be sure to include specific habitat types don’t just say it is found in Florida. Also include a map. Ecological Role: (10 Points) Describe what your species ecological role is. Pretty much every species exists in an ecosystem and provides some role. What does your species do? What would happen if your species was removed from the ecosystem?Where the species fits on the food chain: (10 Points) What does your species eat? What eats it? How does it get its energy? Reproductive strategy: (10 Points) How does it reproduce? Be sure to include any interesting mating or reproductive strategies. Phylogenetic Tree: (10 Points) Enter in the phylogenetic tree for your species Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, and Species. This is OK to get from Wikipedia, but take the time to retype it don’t cut and paste from Wikipedia. Any other interesting life history facts: (10 Points) What interesting facts did you find out about the species? Pictures: (2 Points) Attach at least one picture of your species here Three Credible References in APA Format: (10 Points) Reminder: Wikipedia is a good place to start but not a valid reference.

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