Excel assignment


Excel assignment…Check the attached file for instructions. For any further questions contact me.

Excel Personal Application (Budget)
ITE 115
Create an Excel worksheet and chart as shown below. Save the worksheet with the name: Budget – your
own name. The final product should contain the appropriate functions and formulas. In addition, use
absolute addressing where appropriate. Format as follows:

Rename the sheet tab Semi-Annual Budget and delete the other sheets.
Enter the worksheet title in cell A1 and merge and center it using cells A1-I1.
You can use any font but increase the font size of the worksheet title; any size just bigger.
Boldface column headings, row headings and total headings.
Cells A1-I1 should be formatted with a thick box border.
Cells A1-I1 should be formatted with a background color (you can use any color).
The row headings should be left-aligned.
The column headings should be centered.
The column heading in cell I3 should be wrapped to two lines.
Cells A12-I12 should include a top and bottom border.
Cells A17-H18 should be formatted with a background color (use the same color as above).
The numbers in columns B-H should be formatted with a floating $ and two decimal places.
Increase the height of row 13 relative to the other rows.
The percentages should be formatted with one decimal place.
Format, position and size the chart as shown.
Do not include a chart title.
The data labels on the chart should include only the percentages and be positioned outside each
slice showing the leader lines.
Boldface the data labels and the legend and position the legend to the right of the chart as shown.

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