Falling From Grace Analysis Free Essay Example

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The unique Falling from Grace has to do with a young girl who vanishes at the beach. Many individuals feel accountable for her disappearance such as Andrew, her father; Annie, her sis; and Kip, who gets twisted Into the turmoil. Member of the family Andrew and Annie feel that It was their duty to take better care of Grace. Significant characters who ended up being Involved Andrew: her daddy feels the supreme responsibility for Grace. He stated it was alright for them to play another video game of trackers on the beach in the middle of the night.

He gets a call from Kip discussing that he discovered the phone in a bag that was cleaned in and declares he saw them in the distance.

Annie: Graces sister was with Grace when she fell into the sea. Grace saw a penguin in the water and said she must save it, so they did. Then the tide came in and they couldn’t go back the way they came, so they had to climb up a small cliff.

While Grace was climbing, her backpack fell off , containing the penguin. Then the rock Grace was holding onto fell with some of the cliff so she fell Into the water. Kip: Kip was walking to the beach when he saw a backpack In the water. He found a phone Inside and It started ringing. Of course, he answered It and when KIP said hello the man answered with a bunch of questions bout his daughters.

KIP replied that he found the phone In a backpack and saw his girls around the cliffs. Then Kip meets the Ted character, a strange man who shares Kip’s love of music. Ted offers Kip a coke which Ted jokes might be Gulf War coke. Ted: Ted is a strange man who has little and a lot to do with the plot line; he meets Kip at the start in the rain. Ted cuts his foot on a bottle in the water and Kip helps him stop the bleeding. At the end we discover that Ted whilst he was very drunk found Grace and left her in a cave but he doesn’t remember where. But he did leave his coat behind which probably saved her life.

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