FIU Businesses and COVID-19 Vaccine Presentation


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1-People are encouraged to take Covid-19 vaccination through adopting the vaccine
passport in many countries. Saudi Arabia, Israel, Greece, and Iceland are among the
countries at the forefront of giving the vaccine passports to enable access to the workplace,
facilitate foreign travel, and direct access to public or social places. In the United States,
feasibility studies are ongoing to examine the applicability and efficacy of digital vaccination
certificates. Also, the model is under threat from lobbyists in the United States who argue
that vaccine passports lead to social exclusion, specifically with young individuals and the
minority groups who are not prioritized to get the vaccination. Additionally, the vaccine
efficacy is surrounded by uncertainty in preventing the spread of the virus among people
who have been immunized (Schwartz & Colchester, 2021). It is clear, and there is no
guarantee that after inoculation, the vaccinated individuals are safe; thus, they cannot
accelerate the prevalence of the Covid-19 virus at their places of work
2- Recently, a study was conducted in the United Kingdom to examine the diseases
caused by Covid-19. The research entailed a group of 30 volunteers who were deliberately
infected with the Covid-19 virus and were isolated for two weeks under maximum
observation. Precisely, the researcher aimed to observe how the immune system responds
to the virus after it attacks the body (McGinty, 2021). On the contrary, the individuals were
intentionally infected with the virus, which is against ethical considerations. The Scientist
does not understand the ramifications of the disease in that they put the victims at a higher
risk. The human challenge study is regarded unethical as it accelerates the effects of the
Covid-19 virus and its prevalence compared to mandatory vaccination at some workplaces
3-History records that a large population of people in America proves to be resistant
against vaccination where forceful measures are incorporated. Philadelphia congregates
rejected the Measles vaccination, although it is deadly nature and other medical
interventions resulting in deaths of many children and serious outbreaks. The children were
vaccinated through forceful intervention by the local authorities and courts by the city
officials. Such resistance has been similarly encountered by Influenza and smallpox Cowpox.
Riots and battles can be escalated with such resistance between the law enforcement party
and the public. The same resistance occurred recently with Biden’s mandate requisition
stating that personnel in healthy facilities, government employers, and government
contractors receive the Covid-19 Vaccination. However, the issue by President Biden was
justified legally under the Federal statute that permits Emergency Temporary Standard to
protect employees against grave danger, unlike the previous responses by the government
towards resistance.

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