FIU Paradise Lost The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills Discussion

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Documentary that I need to talk: Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills
For this first Blog, there are two parts that your Initial Post should cover.
First, since this is an online course and you don’t get to interact with each other in the traditional way, I’d like you to introduce yourself to your group (e.g., provide your name, tell everyone why you are taking this class, what your interests are, etc.). You’ll be interacting all semester, so please take a moment to get to know each other!
Second, please consider the plight of the West Memphis Three (WM3), as shown in the Paradise Lost documentary, and describe how it could, and could not, apply to your own life. To do this, you might consider ways in which your life is similar, and dissimilar to the WM3 (some possible considerations: human psychological processes, your geographical location, the current year, personal characteristics). Make sure you cite your sources – as per the rubric, you should be supporting what you say. This should not just be whatever opinions come to mind. They should be well-formed ideas that are informed by the readings assigned for this course (or, if relevant, from your other psychology courses).
.Documentary: Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills

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