FIU Terrorism/Political Violence Questions


Requirement:Select any two news articles relevant to the topics I will provide to you then write a one-page reflection paper. You must follow the details of the requirements that will provide to you.Note: I will provide the topics and the detail of the requirements

Please read the detail of the requirement carefully before you start
Select any two recent news articles relevant to the topics (one article for each topic) then write a
reflection of ½ page (2 paragraphs) for each article. The article you selected must be reliable and
accessible with links (Such as NYTimes, The Washington Post, …etc). Each article must be addressed
Format: One page (½ page for each article), single-spaced, 12-point font, with one-inch margins
all around
Terrorism/Political Violence:
1. Topic: Why do insurgencies persist?
2. Topic: Are States also Terrorists?
Note for topic 2: Before you select the article relevant to the topic, you need to review the State
Sponsors of Terrorism list.
The State Sponsors of Terrorism:

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