Florida International Career Obstacles that Stem from Ecological Movements Discussion


Assignment No. 3
Dr. Durant presents a picture of a world where public administrators must consider a wide range
of obstacles that stem from ecological or population movements/trends. Think about either your
current job or your dream job, and consider how these trends will influence your work
Reading for Assignment No. 2
This week, we will delve into one of the most critical resources (and by-products) of
digital transformation in smart cities: data. The evidence-based management and
decisions needed for digital transformation demand a lot of data collection, analysis,
and insight. The institution and use of digital services produce reams of data by the
minute that digital leaders must effectively protect, curate, analyze, and leverage for
ethical and effective smart governance.
Our focus this week is on big data: the data sets with millions of data points that can be
unwieldy to manage but also offer the potential for tremendous insight for enabling the
future visions for smart cities. Next week, we will tackle small data: more granular and
situational data that informs specific questions, projects, research, exploration, or
decision points.
Let’s get started!
Online Article: Five Examples of How Federal Agencies Use Big DataLinks to an external
As a brief introduction to our topic for the week, this article provides a quick overview of
the different ways government agencies at the federal level use big data to tackle fraud
detection, financial analysis, public health, regulatory compliance, education, and other
Peer-Reviewed Article: Smart Cities & Big Data AnalyticsLinks to an external site.
In this open-source article, Swedish researchers Osman and Elragal (2021) explore the
research question, “How can big data analysis be used as a data-driven decisionmaking enabler in smart cities?” (p. 286).
Peer-Reviewed Article: Applications of Big Data to Smart CitiesLinks to an external site.
Here, Nuaimi et al (2015) consider the fact that digitization in many sectors has created
volumes of data that can be used in beneficial applications for smart cities. The authors
identify a number of opportunities for utilizing data in smart cities, but also acknowledge
limiting factors and important considerations for the wise and ethical use of big data.
Institutional Article: UN Experts Meeting Report, Uses of Big Data for Official
StatisticsLinks to an external site.
In August and September of 2021, the UN ESCAP Statistics Division convened an
Expert Group Meeting on Big Data for Official Statistics. The group explored and
developed recommendations for regional guidance on big data governance and
considerations that should be taken into account when big data is used to identify and
publish official statistics.
Big Data will Impact Every Part of Your Life
In this 2014 TEDx talk, consultant and entrepreneur Dr. Charles Stryker examines how
big data is generated, and how our ability to analyze and leverage this information was
emerging at the time. There have been remarkable leaps forward in our collective
analytics capability since, especially in the private sector, though the general concepts
and ideas for harnessing the power of big data are still very relevant to digital leaders

Will Big Data Affect Government Policies?
In this video, you will meet MIT professor Sandy Pentland, hearing a number of
considerations, perspectives, and concerns involved in the influence and involvement of
big data and government.
Smart City, Big Data
In this commentary piece from DW SHift (2021), you will hear about the double-edged
issues involved in big data and smart cities. While technology and big data can be a
crucial source of information and evidence for data-driven solutions in smart cities, such
data also represents a trove of information that must also be wisely managed,
effectively protected, and analyzed with a high degree of awareness of its implications.

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