Florida International University Multivariable Calculus Questions

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Multivariable Calculus, HW 3
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1.Reverse the order of integration and evaluate
Z πZ π
sin y
2. Evaluate the double integral in polar coordinates that provides the volume of
the space region above the xy-plane inside the cylinder x2 + y 2 − x = 0 and bellow
z = 1 − x2 − y 2 .
3. Set up and evaluate the triple integral for the volume of the solid enclosed
between the cylinders x2 + y 2 = 1 and x2 + z 2 = 1.
4. Use cylindrical coordinates to evaluate the integral
zdxdydz, where T is
bounded above by the sphere x2 +y 2 +z 2 = 2 and below by the paraboloid z = x2 +y 2 .

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