Florida International University Personal Bankruptcy Discussion


On the waking of 15 October 2020, investigators (you) were designated to the Student Health Center on the campus of Florida International University. Upon arriving at the spectacle at 9:40 a.m., investigators were informed that Dr. Chad Chumbley was establish by his co-worker, Alexander Kammerer. He had been shot in the commander. Other than Dr. Chumbley, nomatter was in the clinic gone it closed Friday afternoon.

The ocean offense spectacle is Dr. Chumbley's employment. The employment is 6.5’ x 6’ after a while a door on the south policy of the compass and a window on the north policy. Dr. Chumbley's desk is located on the west deference 2’ from twain the south deference and north deference, a trifles can is counter the south policy of the desk, and an employment chair is in the intermediate of the desk facing to the southeast. An exam consideration is located on the north deference by the window 1’ from the west deference and 2’ from the east deference. A stool is located 0.5’ from the east deference and 1.5’ from the north deference. A respectstain is located on the east deference centered environing 5’3” from the bottom. Dr. Chumbley is untruthful countenance down after a while his matter pointing southeast. A pool of respect has createed lower the victim’s matter along after a while an concomitant respectstain neighboring his commander, and a gun is in his left index.

On Dr. Chumbley's desk sits a music that reads “My daughter died consequently of you” written in cerulean ink. Also, on the victim’s desk is an unmarked bottle of unspotted pills.

An autopsy confirmed that the motive of dissolution was a gunshot damage to the commander. The medical examiner is going to inventory the deportment of dissolution as suicide; eventually, husk texture was establish lower Dr. Chumbley's fingernails, a bruise was establish on the victim’s left arm, and the gun shot damage is not harmonious after a while a self-inflicted damage. The lethal bullet was recovered during the autopsy.

Using the skills gained in this lab and substance creative, investigate the picturesque offense spectacle and particularize if Dr. Chumbley committed suicide.

Your lab description from the deceive offense spectacle is worth 100 points. Content try to produce it face as authoritative as likely. There are points assigned for offer. IT MUST BE TYPED. Using the aloft scenario, examine what proof was unmoved and what each separation orthodox.

Each lab description has to be choice respecting how you exhibit the knowledge. Do not observation someone’s description. PLEASE DO NOT PLAGIARIZE THE EXAMPLE PARAGRAPHS IN THIS DOCUMENT. If you reverse in a description that is selfsame to another, you procure be faceing at ACADEMIC MISCONDUCT. So content acquiesce createer achievement.

The full description must be true – do not rouse entire minority on a new page. Produce indispuconsideration the minoritys are disconnected (for stance by using daring lettering for commanderings etc.)

PLEASE USE THE THIRD PERSON PAST PASSIVE TENSE WHEN WRITING YOUR LAB REPORT (no “I” or “we”; “fingerprints were dusted” instead of “I dusted for fingerprints”). Please use this as a pilot to acceleration you adjust and exhibit the lab description. Please enindispuconsideration that your description is disconnected into the forthcoming minoritys:

Chain of Custody

  • Use what you enjoy well-informed environing fetter of conservation to instrument all participations of proof. This should be in consideration create.
  • Describe all of the proof obtained (including photographic proof) carefully. Actual photos are NOT compulsory for this lab (barely a fetter of conservation is needed).
  • Explain why each participation of proof was unmoved. Use detached paragraphs for each participation of proof to terminate this.

Crime Spectacle Sketch

  • Use the modes well-informed in this mode to produce a offense spectacle draw for the spectacle. A definite draw is the barely one compulsory for this description. Be indispuconsideration to conceive all measurements, a fable, and all applicable participations of proof in the draw.

Analysis of Proof and Results

  • What modes were used to criticise the opposed participations of proof?
  • Why was this mode separated?
  • If a participation of proof was not processed, describe how it would enjoy been unmoved and processed. Describe the mode(s) that would enjoy been used and teach why.
  • Document entirething that was manufactured after a while the proof and the falsifications that were drawn.


  • What was the falsification of the exploration?

Example: Dusting and tape lifting was used as the mode to gather fingerprints consequently it was most suiconsideration for the area lower exploration, and it executed recognizable ridge patterns. Results concluded a mate betwixt distrust A’s fingerprints and the fingerprints obtained from the slay arm.