for the geol 1203 a1


Read the assignment completely. You will need the Nova Scotia Geology Map (side A) which is located in the Media Library (under Maps). I have included a pdf of the Table of Formations from the map as well.Print the question sheets and fill in by hand, then scan and upload.While we are not going to spend the next 6 weeks or so talking about rocks in particular we will be talking about them in context of how the continents and oceans formed and were destroyed; it would be good for you to have some idea of the different types of rocks and it is not really practical for me to send you all over the province, let alone Atlantic Canada.So in this assignment you are going to have a quick look at the geology of Nova Scotia by looking at the Geological Highway map.Download and print (or at least read) the assignment file. Then open the NS geology map located in the Media Library (under Maps). You will use it to answer the questions in the assignment.Make sure you at least open the map before the weekend so you know your computer is set correctly to display it.Submit your answers to the Dropbox folder in the Week One folder

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