FTVM 102 SBVC Film Art and Film History Questions


Paper 1, How did technology enable the film industry.Please use complete sentences and check for grammar/punctuation. Make all references and works cited in MLA style. Use the library links if you have questions regarding using the style manuals. You can also Google to get examples.Copy and Paste everything below into your paper and answer each in order:1. Who invented photographic emulsion and who made it available to consumers?2. What are the two aspects of human perception that create the “Illusion of Movement” in the human brain?3. Who discovered the Illusion of Movement? What prompted this discovery and how did he do it?4. Which filmmakers made films that rivalved Thomas Edison’s Kinegraph outside of the United States? What did they invent and when? What kinds of films did they make? Where did people see them?5. What filmmaker and film establishes the Hollywood Master Sequence Technique? What is the film about and why is it controversial?

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