Fundamentals of Algebra Exam Questions


Here are helpful hints for exam #2#1 – use the product rule; don’t forget to group your coefficients#2 – this is both the product rule and the rule for negative exponents#3 – multiply the number in front of the parenthesis by all terms within the parenthesis, then combine like terms#4 – subtract veretically; watch for your double-negatives#5 – multiply the 2x by everything in the 2nd parenthesis, then the 3; after multiplying, combine like terms#6 – create two fractions then simplify#7 – factor out the GCF, then look for your shared binomial rule#8 – this will factor into two binomials#9 – re-write in descending order then factor into two trinomials#10 – I’m only looking for the GCF for this question#11 – factor into two binomials then set each binomial equal to zero; you will have two solutions#12 – make sure this equation is equal to zero before following the steps for #11Provide answer and each questions process

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