GCU Global Current Event the Taking Over of Afghanistan Essay


Investigate a global current event that relates to your chosen global social problem and that can be sociologically analyzed through the lens of ethnicity as a source of stratification. Summarize the event. Address the who, what, where, when, why, and how of the event. Include a Web link to your source. 
Provide an analysis of the prevalence of the global sociological problem associated with the global current event and how they intersect with ethnicity. What factors have been cited as causes of the global social problem and how has the country responded to the problem? Is the global current event a response to or a result of the global social problem? Explain and support your answer. 
Assess what other factors, if any, contribute to the inequality of the global social problem within the context of the global current event. 
Determine what strategies could be implemented to alleviate the global sociological problem within the context of the global current event. 

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