General Business Application Project

Instead of telling one employee to tell another employee what to do and Han that person tell the next employee what I want accomplished, I have now come to the conclusion that I need to have weekly meetings with my staff, in order, to avoid miscommunication of what the department needs to do on a weekly basis. By giving a weekly meeting, everyone who reports to me, can hear what they need to accomplish and Its coming straight from me In a verbal form of communication to all of them.
At that time, if they have any questions about what they need to do, I can answer their questions personally and avoid the single-strand grapevine that could possibly store what I wanted them to do and achieve our weekly goals without any misunderstandings. In Chapter 15, also paid attention to encouraging formal organization communication and focused on trying to listen attentively to my employees using Table 15. 2 as a guideline. After reviewing the “Ten Commandments for Good Listening”, I realized I wasn’t following some of the major guidelines.
When an employee of my department comes to me now, I am not going to do the talking, I am going to remain patient until my employee finishes what they need to say without interrupting them and allow them to speak freely. I also realize I have the tendency to correctly their work habits, Instead I know now I need to ask questions and see how they think we need to accomplish the tasks and maybe try a “trial run” on their Ideas before I say no. . In Chapter 16 we discussed several approaches to Leadership effectiveness. We also reviewed various Leadership styles. What do you believe your personal style of Leadership Is? Describe why you think this Is your style. Do you foresee making any changes to your style as a result of this course? Why or why not? I believe I would fall under the category of Sheepherders.

I believe this is my style of leadership because I have employees that I pay minimal attention to because they are productive and can work independently from me. I encourage my employees to make choices without asking me first in order to give them a sense that they can think on their own and they are competent In making a choice In situations when I I do not believe that I will change my style unless I change positions in my current company or go to another company.
I do believe if I do change my position in the company I should act more like a coach and listen closer, give emotional support and dead by example in order to show employees how to handle an a employee matter or production matter so in the future they can resolve the matter themselves. 3. In Chapter 9 we learned about SOOT analysis. Do a SOOT analysis of yourself, and not your company. What are your Strengths, Weaknesses, you’d like to improve on as a manager or future manager, and Opportunities and Threats you might explore.
List 2 of each Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. My Strengths would be the ability to multi-task and I am a team player which means f someone else in the company needs my help, I will go out of my way to help that person/other department. My Weaknesses are criticism and short-tempered. As a supervisor, hopefully, turning into the Customer Care Manager in the near future, I need to improve on my temper and realize mistakes happen and there is no reason to get that upset with an employee.
I need to learn that no one is perfect, including myself, and remember there is always a way to fix a mistake. The other weakness, criticism, needs to be addressed. Just because an individual chose to do the Job differently than I would eave wanted because they made the choice on their own, I need to remain open- minded because the employee’s way to handle the situation might be better than mine and it will have saved time (no meeting necessary to discuss what we should do) in which we can focus on being more productive for other tasks that need to get accomplished.
Two Opportunities that I want to explore is finishing my education and receive a Bachelor’s Degree from Walsh in Business Management and I want to explore the Job market once I complete my degree in order to better myself as a manager, as well as, uncial gains I do not have at the present time. I want to look for a Job that I will enjoy doing everyday as well as being compensated for what I do on a daily basis.
Two possible Threats I might encounter in the future is not finding a Job after I graduate that will make me stay in the same position that I am currently in with little chance of moving up in our company and the other possible threat could involve traveling as part of my Job, if I find a new one, which means I could hurt my personal life with my husband and children by not being around to help raise my children and outing the burden on my husband which in the end, could hurt our relationship. 4. In Chapter 14 we learned about stresses and stress management methods.
Name 2 strategies that your company/organization could adopt to prevent the development of unwanted stresses? What sorts of stress management techniques techniques. Note, you are responding about your company in the first part of the question, and about you personally in the second part of this question. Two strategies my company could adopt to prevent the development of unwanted stresses are making Jobs more interesting. Some of the employees do the same Job day-in and day-out, but if they could implement cross-training with some of the other jobs, employees at my company may not get bored.
If they learn how to perform another Job they can do with their current Job now, it might help bring up employee morale. The second strategy we already implemented is “Great Place to Work Committee” that I run which plans monthly activities for our employees. I plan spring/ summertime barbeques, plan the annual Tiger game outing and dinner, charity work in which we still get paid for even if we are not at work, ice cream socials when I ring in Cold Stone Creamery are Just some of the monthly activities I plan.
Two personal stress management techniques that work for me when I become overwhelmed with stress are baking and yoga. Baking takes my mind off things and makes me concentrate on the item that I am backing and decorating. The other technique I use is yoga. The calming sounds and stretching helps me relax and get my thoughts in the right place. By doing yoga, I concentrate on my poses which distracts me from any stress that I have been dealing with. 5. In Chapter 17 we learned about Job rotation, Job enlargement, and Job enrichment.
How do you think you could use these techniques to improve your own job or morale? As a manager, how might you utilize these Job design techniques to motivate organizational members in your work situation? Give a specific example. I have many roles that I do on a daily basis so I am deeply involved in Job rotation, Job enlargement and Job enrichment. My main focus is being the supervisor for Service/ Repair, I am the Purchaser, the Safety Manager, help out with building maintenance and I work on “A Great Place to Work Committee” that reports to HER.
So I am never ordered on any given day and rotate my Jobs throughout the day in order to achieve my tasks. I guess by assuming so many roles that I am not dissatisfied with my Jobs and I get to communicate with different people on a daily basis which reduces boredom. I would use these techniques, as a manager, to motivate my employees in my work situation by cross-training Customer Service and Service/Repair in order to reduce the boredom factor and Job dissatisfaction and it can help see where each employee performs best and which department the employee needs to be placed in.
Also these cuisines specifically, Job enrichment, employees can schedule their tasks to do in order of priority, it would allow me to communicate with the employees who are handling a number of tasks at hand which would increase productivity and would allow me to personally be able to give the employees feedback on the Job(s) they are performing and let them know where the stand within the company, perhaps a possible promotion for the great work they have been doing. Personally take to demonstrate that you respect a group member from another culture?
Name and describe two. How could your company improve its support of nagging a diverse workforce? Diversity training programs have been established with the help of Human Resources to require employees to complete a PC learn module on Ethnicity and Cultural Diversity which gives you training information and a quiz to complete once you have read all the material. Once you pass the quiz you will receive a Certificate of Completion that means you have understood what you have read and should be able to interact with other from different nationalities and races.
The second step I enforce is pluralism in which we follow the Multicultural Approach because I like to evolve awareness and appreciation of differences in cultures and all employees’ personal characteristics. For ex. When I have barbeques in the summer, the company respects the Indians that work with us in our company and allows me to buy chicken as well as the hamburgers and hotdogs for the employees to eat. We understand that their culture does not eat beef in which we than offer them chicken to include them in our monthly barbeques.
Also, when I have our holiday party in December, I don’t use Merry Christmas or decorate with Suntan’s because I understand that not everyone celebrates Christmas and I don’t want to offend some Jehovah Witnesses we have working in our company or any other employees who may not participate in Christmas. Our company can improve its support of managing support of diverse workforce I believe is hiring more women and older employees to balance out our workforce.
Our staff is composed of mostly males ranging from college graduates to mid-ass. I believe we need to hire additional older employees who have experience that can help coach other employees and maybe teach us a new way on how to produce a product. Also, I would like to see more women managers because presently there are none. The closest we have to women managers are two supervisors which one is myself and another woman employee. Our company at this facility is composed of 72 people, and there are only 12 women. . In Chapter 8 we learned of decision making tools for individual and group decisions. Name a couple of examples of methods or tools that you might personally use to improve individual decision making. Then describe how you might utilize brainstorming, nominal group or Delphi studies (pick one of these) in your group cession situations. Some methods or tools that I could use to improve individual decision making would be intuition, satisfies and the probability theory.
I would use brainstorming in my group decision making situations with Service/ Repair Department in order to get ideas from others in order to find a possible mine or maybe I can combine my alternative with another employee’s alternative in order to resolve the situation. This also encourages everyone to participate and this way, my employees know that their opinions count and it shows that we are working as a team to accomplish our company’s goals.

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