GEOL110 Columbia College Minerals and Rocks Cubic Zirconia Questions


A). You are given two crystals. One crystal is a diamond and the other crystal is a cubic zirconia. Both are virtually the same hardness. What simple test could you perform to tell them apart? What does the hardness and “perfect” cleavage suggest about the bonding in these crystals? What mineral group would a diamond be classified as? What mineral group would a cubic zirconium be classified as (why is that a trick question)? Lastly, would you settle for a blue cubic zirconium rather than a blue diamond? Defend your reasoning.B). Imagine that you are hiking and stop to look at an outcrop of rock with light-colored, large crystals. Provide the complete history behind that rock, including being at the Earth’s surface. If you wanted a dark-colored, large crystal rock for your kitchen countertop, would you expect to find it deeper beneath the outcrop? Yes or No. Defend your reasoning.

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