George Mason University Chemistry Burette Lab Skill & Equipment Paper


 create a one-pager about a lab skill or equipment we are using in class.  Think of this one-pager as a beginner’s how-to guide.

It must include:
Title: Skill or equipment being presented
Picture or diagram of equipment needed (What does the equipment look like?)
Level of precision if applicable (What significant figures do you need to record?)
How to carry out the skill or use the equipment (How do you do it?)
Important safety considerations

Applications outside of the lab activity presented (Where would you use this skill?)
At least 2 sources of error (What could go wrong?)
At least 1 tip or thing to look out for when carrying out this skill
Some comments:
Make your one pager professional and visually appealing.  We are looking for college level work.
Use color and images to support your overview.
All images must be legally free to use (i.e. labeled free to use, public domain, royalty free). 
Remember to give attribution where required.

DO NOT cut-and-paste from websites or published materials.  This is a violation of the honor policy.
Avoid lengthy paragraphs. Use a bulleted/numbered list when possible.
Keep in mind that these are guides to someone who is new to the lab.  

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