George Mason University Facial Portrait Drawing Paper


Dont know where to really start from. im not strong on art and drawing. i would like to see an example to make it easier for me. just a paper and pencil. when done a screenshot would be great. the drawing must be the same as the attached image in a grid.

OK, here is our next homework assignment. It is mid semester, so we will take it a bit easy this
week. Also, next week we will begin the last section of our semester – we will be doing a series
of portraits ( pictures of other people ), and self portraits ( pictures of ourselves ). Portraiture has
been a large part of the history of the visual arts for centuries. Portraiture allows us to tell human
stories ( think about the importance of storytelling in religious texts, storytelling as part of child
development, storytelling as a way to understand the human condition ). Think about portraiture
and storytelling in novels and film. Self portraiture allows us to express who we are, what we
believe in, what we feel is important, and allows us to connect with others. So, a very powerful
subject in drawing and painting.
We will begin with a presentation of a variety of historical approaches to portraiture. We will then
introduce a strategy to accurately copy a photograph using a grid to transfer an image, and as a
means to change the scale of an image accurately ( how to make it larger or smaller and
maintain accurate proportion and placement of features ).
Your assignment is to use the attached portrait photograph or find one of your own choosing, to
grid off the photograph, and to do a pencil drawing on paper of the photograph. As we
discussed in class, you may do a drawing THE SAME SIZE as the photograph ( in this case, if
you make a grid of 1 inch squares on your photo, you will make a grid of 1 inch squares on your
drawing paper ). Or, you may enlarge the photograph 100% ( to do this, you will double the size
of the squares in your grid from photo to drawing – 1 inch squares on your photo will become 2
inch squares in your drawing ). You may print out your photo ( easy to do ), or you may create a
grid on your phone or IPAD or laptop ( GOOGLE this – there are endless short tutorial
available ).
This drawing can be done on any kind of paper, any size ( but at least 8” x 11” ). You may use
pencil ( or any kind of materials you might like ). You may draw in any style you wish – just line,
you may add value if you choose, you may use crosshatching or a pointillist approach. Think of
this drawing as a study for future drawings and paintings – this is just a way for you to begin to
familiarize yourself with the structure and measurements of the head, to make a lot of mistakes
on a drawing of me ( not a self portrait or a portrait of someone you know or care about! ) and to
get used to portraiture as a subject.
OK, good luck. Work hard. Submit this drawing by Midnight Friday March 26.

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