GOL106 Northern Virginia Quartz and Feldspar Chemical Composition Essay


DirectionsSelect one (1) of the following questions for research. Research sources of information can include Internet sources, books, articles, videos, etc. Every explanation must include a picture/diagram that helps detail your answer. The two most common minerals of the Earth’s crust are Quartz and Feldspar.What is the chemical composition of quartz?What are the different varieties and how do these varieties form?What is the chemical composition of each of the most common feldspar minerals?What are some common localities in, or near, Virginia where these minerals are mined?What are these minerals used for in our everyday life?Provide pictures/diagrams to help with your explanations.Diamond and graphite are polymorphs of carbon.What is a polymorph with respect to minerals?How are each of these minerals formed?Explain why diamond and graphite have very different physical properties. (Example: Diamond is number 10 on Moh’s hardness scale and graphite is number 1!)What are these two minerals used for in everyday life?Provide pictures/diagrams to help with your explanations.What is the Rock Cycle?Explain the transitions that take place in the rock cycle as one rock type transitions to another type.Who is the “founder” of the rock cycle and what is the importance of this person to Historical Geology?What would have been the beginning of rock cycle in Earth’s history? In other words, what were Earth’s first rocks? How do we know?Provide a picture or diagram to help with your explanations.In the Web Research 1:State the question(s) you selected to research.Post a synopsis, based on the results of your research, with answers to the question (and the sub-questions) selected. In the synopsis, include a brief explanation of the significance of the knowledge you learned from your research (two paragraphs) and on the importance to historical geology (one paragraph).Cite the reference source(s) of your research in proper citation formatGradingThis assignment is worth 15 points towards your final grade and will be graded according to the discussion forum criteria below.Demonstrates comprehension of research question through detailed explanations.3 pointsApplies concepts, definitions, etc. from assigned readings or other reference resources.3 pointsIncludes an explanation of the importance to the study of Historical Geology.2 pointsPicture or diagram provided 1 pointWriting is clear, concise and free of spelling and grammatical errors. Uses APA Style to cite reference sources.2 pointsComments to two (2) other students’ postings.4 pointsTOTAL15 points

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