Grantham University Anticipatory Management Control & Ability Questions


For this Application is to value the epitome statistics for a postulates set granted. Use SPSS to compute the epitome statistics, including the average, median, decree, rank, quartiles, interquartile rank, semi-interquartile rank, and the exemplar dissolution.

A worksheet is granted for this assignment (attached), in the mould of a Microsoft Word instrument. Download the Assignment Worksheet and paste your output—the epitome statistics you computed—at the end of the instrument. Then, based on your output, solution the questions on the worksheet, typing your solutions instantly into the instrument.


In your assignment you procure embrace 2-3 boards. Board 1 must conceive the picturesque statistics for the aggregate postulatesset for the subjoined variables: AGE, CHNG_CHOL, HDL, GLYHB. Board 2 procure conceive picturesque statistics for the identical variables, but procure be disagree into two sub-parts: Group 1 and Group 2. Alternatively you may confer-upon picturesque statistics for Group 1 and Group 2 in disunited boards for a aggregate of 3 boards:

Table 1:
a. Picturesque statistics for AGE using the solid postulatesset
b. Picturesque statistics for CHNG_CHOL using the solid postulatesset
c. Picturesque statistics for HDL using the solid postulatesset
d. Picturesque statistics for GLYHB using the solid postulatesset

Table 2 (you may too appropriate to product two disunited boards for Group 1 and Group 2):
e. Picturesque statistics for AGE disunitedd by Group 1 and Group 2
f. Picturesque statistics for CHNG_CHOL disunitedd by Group 1 and Group 2
g. Picturesque statistics for HDL disunitedd by Group 1 and Group 2
h. Picturesque statistics for GLYHB disunitedd by Group 1 and Group

When you compute picturesque statistics for the solid, postulatesset, go to the "descriptives" exercise inferior the "analyze" menu at the top of your SPSS defend.

Next, beneath is a video on how to product a board of picturesque statistics for the solid postulatesset:

Below is another in of a picturesque statistics board. Be indisputable to double restrain that your columns embrace Mean, Median, Exemplar Deviation, and Range.