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Kuwait Labor Law Interpretation Assignment
1. Abdullah runs a supermarket in Kuwait. He needs a cashier and advertises a
position in a local newspaper. Ali, aged 14, applies to this position. Can Abdullah
employ Ali? Why?
2. Mariam, an employee of Abdullah, is pregnant and wants to use her paid
maternity leave for 70 days. Abdullah rejects Mariam’s request, saying that she
already used her annual leave and that she is entitled to a maternity leave of 40
days only. Is Mariam entitled to the maternity leave she requests? Why?
3. Mohammed, another employee at Abdullah’s supermarket, works with
Abdullah since one year. He wants to use his annual leave. Abdullah says that
Mohammed is entitled to an annual leave for 20 days according to his employment
contract. How many days of leave is Mohammed entitled to? Why?
4. Mariam got married ten months ago. She decides to terminate her employment
contract because of her marriage. Is she entitled to terminal service indemnity?
5. Mariam has been working in the supermarket for three years, and she was being
paid on monthly basis. Assuming that she is entitled to full terminal service
indemnity, what is the amount of the remuneration she is entitled to (in days)?

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