Harvard University Geometry Angles Problems


do this and show all work as needed on a spearate sheet of paper the faster u go the more i pa

Find the perimeter and area of each
9 cm
4 cm
12 ft
15 ft
9 ft
3. A circle with a diameter of 8 yd
square feet.
4. What is the area of a section of pavement that is 20 ft wide and 100 yd long? Give your answer in
5. Answer each of the following
a) What is the area of a square with sides 12 in. long? 1 ft. long?
b) How many square inches are in a square foot?
6. The area of an 11 cm. wide rectangle is 176 cm². What is its length?
7. A square and a rectangle have equal areas. The rectangle is 64 cm by 81 cm. What is the perimeter of
the square?
8. A rectangle has a perimeter of 40 cm and a base of 12 cm. What is its area?
Find the area of each shaded figure
-25 mm
120 mm
10. (Both shapes are rectangles)
4 cm
2 cm
5 cm
7 cm
11. The endpoints of a diameter of a circle are A(2,1) and B(5,5). Find the area of the circle

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