Harvard University Surface Analysis Lab Report


Fall 2020
Lab 3 Surface Analysis
Total points: 100
Due date 2, 2020
There are three maps attached with this lab. The first one to practice drawing isotherm lines. The second one is practice drawing isobar lines.
Assume stations are the point at the center of the numbers.
1. You can use drawing tools on computer to draw isopleths or isolines (i.e.; isotherms and isobars).
You may print all three maps, and draw isotherm and isobars using pencil and eraser.
2. Practice drawing isotherm on the first map, and isobars on the second map.
3. The third map is your graded lab. You may try yourself though there will be a guided lab in the class. For that you must print a copy of the
map and bring it with you in the class. Since it is not possible to personally check how you are drawing and guide you individually, I have added
the solution map. Follow the solution map and draw with understanding why each line is drawn the way it is drawn. You are expected draw 10
valued isobars on the map. Each valued line (could be broken into more than one line) has 10 points.
Note: Pressures are drawn 4 mb apart. Starting 1000 mb, add or substract 4 mb, then another 4 mb and so on.
So, …….972mb, 976mb, 980mb, 984mb, 988mb, 992mb, 996mb, 1000mb, 1004mb, 1008mb, 1012mb……

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