Hello there, I need some help for this very easy and fun BUS 440 (Seminar in Selected Topics in Business) activity


I need a tutor who has some good knowledge about the sport: tennis, as my project is about the U.S. Open.
The project is basically a sample host city request for proposal, and my RFP (request for proposal) to host, is, as I previously mentioned:
RFP to host: U.S. Open Tennis Championship
I got nine steps to complete, as you can see in the following table of contents:
Table of Contents:  
U.S. Open Tennis Championship

Event schedule 
Role of USTA
Role of the host city
The ideal event site 
Host city benefits
U.S.Open tournament partners
Request for proposal response form 

Here is all the work I have completed so far:
Introduction The U.S.Open Tennis championship is a tennis competition that takes place in Queens, New York. The U.S.Open is one of the biggest events in professional tennis, with over 600 participants, including the best players around the world come to N.Y. to play this tournament. This event attracts more than 800,000 tennis fans  around the world, it is one of the highest-attended annual sporting events in the world. The tournament consists of 5 championships: 
Men’s singles 

Women’s singles
Men’s doubles 

Women’s doubles 

Mixed doubles 
The tournament also includes events for junior, wheelchair players, and seniors. This year the U.S.Open got optical technology called Hawk-Eye Liv , this technology replaced the human line judges, this change was made because they wanted to provide the players a fairer playing field with more integrity, and a better accuracy call.
U.S.Open Tennis ChampionshipThe U.S.Open is one of the biggest events in professional tennis since 1987. This tournament is the last tournament that takes place of the Grand Slams that are played throughout the year. The U.S.Open is held in August and September over a two week period. It takes place in the USTA National Tennis Center located in Queens, NY. This place has the following facilities:  The Arthur Ashe Stadium, which is the largest tennis stadium in the world with a capacity of 23,771. Louis Armstrong Stadium, with a capacity of 14,053. The Grandstand, with a capacity of 8,125. And 18 tennis courts. For the past 10 years this event has been held in NY

Event Schedule The next available edition of the U.S.Open Tennis Championship will be held from August 28 to September 10. The potential host city is New York City. Most of the participants and their team will arrive 6-5days prior to the event. The organization offers two official hotels in Manhattan, which will be the only two residences that will have transportation and will be paid for by the organization.If the public are early in town, they can experience the U.S.Open Fan Week, and the qualifying tournament. The first round of the tournament will be on Monday, August 28 at 11:00am, and the last day will be on Sunday, September 10 at 1:00pm. The gates open at 9:30 am until September 6th and at 11:00 am from September 7th-10th. The schedule is subject to change.
Role of USTAThe USTA  owns and operates the U.S.Open. They are responsible to work closely with the host city, agencies, and partners to ensure that the U.S.Open offers a positive impact for all the visitors, sponsors, players, and for the host city. The USTA will: 
Give the U.S.Open the unique atmosphere when the guests visit New York. 
Manage the tournament invitation and registration process
Work with the host hotels 
Design, manage, and produce

Role Of The Host City The host city plays an important role in helping the tournament to generate more revenue. 
Event Site Recommendations:  At the end of the day the most important thing is to attract the most audience possible for the event.

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