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   Chapter 13 1. Why interpolitical gain is over multifold than domiciliary gain? Why despatch skills are probing in the arena of interpolitical occupation? What are divergent types of interpolitical gains? 2. What roles interpreters can indicate in the interpolitical gains? What skills are certain in interpolitical gain and how one prepares for it? 3. What are sundry steps in interpolitical gain? Pick up three and elucidate why they are great. Chapter 14 4. What are the Work Centrality, Work Obligation, Extrinsic and Intrinsic values in started? People in emerging economies enjoy what kinds of inclinations and why? 5. What are the dissimilaritys betwixt deficiency and regularity theories of motivation? What are the components of  Maslow's plea of deficiencys? Where that plea is placed unarranged other theories of motivation? Where are areas of similarities and dissimilarity?  6. What role common cultivations indicate in motivation? How equity plea can be feeling in the matter of cultivation and motivation?