How To Improve Communication And Interpersonal Skills In Hefty Hardware’s IT And Business Departments


Hefty Hardware has encountered some communication barrier between their IT department and their business counterpart. There immerged a two issues which was discovered after analyzing the problem. The main itching issue was lack of proper link between the Hefty Hardware and the Business department. To encounter this issue and close the gap that was encountered, there was a need to conduct a certain refresher course for training of personnel and recruit more manpower to each department. This could activate and develop new skills, bring cooperation among the personnel and promote ego towards the core structure of the department.

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The second issue that was discovered had different perspective. First phase was communication problem between the IT department and business department where the business department raised issues concerning IT department lacking proper time management. This led to plan for training program that will improve the communication between the two departments. The analysis recommended a training program for the two departments to merge for effective and structured production. Training program also imposed effective and precise feedback to all departments and strategize all future plans needed to be tackled as well. Further recommendation, IT department was to conduct a training program. This will work on time management during their structured production to improve and recover the wasted time during the department’s performance.

Hefty Hardware faced a challenges as a result of both IT program and other business divisions failing to coordinate. In any ideal firm there are core principles that must be a key solid components for prosperity. The firm must outline the competence, credibility, trust and interpersonal interaction. The goals could not be achievable since the IT department lacked this solid components that are a must for any project to progress. Therefore, there was a need for IT department to adopt new changes and install new technology which could boost Hefty hardware turnover. Failure to have good interpersonal interactions will lead to poor coordination in the field thus decline in production. Members lost trust too, to interact and focus their skills in togetherness for prosperity of the add on, lack of concrete relationship between the business divisions and IT department became the core factor for the downfall of the future production for the company. The second key factor faced by faced by Hefty hardware was technical language between the IT department and business division. IT department was rigid to support the business idea of the organisation to meet their goals. Confusion in the chain of command was the developing factor that resulted to poor communication in the organisation. To reach a common goal, communication of the key stakeholders in the departments was to boost the efficiency in structural production which will lead to organisation to meet effective and productive core values.

Issues in Communication and Lack of Interpersonal Skills

Consequently, there is another important core value which brings clarity and trust in an organisation. In an existing organisation interdepartmental communication is a key principle towards building trust amongst its workers. Where there is a flow of well-coordinated communication through the best chain of command, skills and new technological ideas emerge. This coexistence of well manned interdepartmental communications builds trust within the organisation and prevents conflicts, arguments, and pin pointing of certain individuals who can at a time bring go slow and other sabotage characteristics. When an organisation encounters conflicts the ratio of production differs and decreases due to poor coordination as case study for Hefty department.

The root cause of the conflicting relationship between the business division and the IT department is well analyzed as per profit margin differs between (0.8-2%) from 2006 to 2011. This is a clear indication of business core value was diminishing as a result of disconnect between the two departments. In comparison with other huge companies like Wal-Mart the retail structure was well governed as per the profit margin of 4% around 2012.This was a clear indicator of fierce competition in the market structure and it should always be governed by the flow of customers to meet the demand supply chain.  

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As a matter of proper business coordination, the two division could plan for seminars and training programs to develop unity and improve interpersonal skills among the workers. This relationship could have been well planned as the production could yield more dividends for Hefty hardware to plan for Savvy stores launched on time. In order to manage a well-structured organisation, a good relationship in a cool environment is developed by the culture. Therefore, Hefty Hardware would have based on this cultural values and invest in a team building exercise at every level. To plan and execute this cultural values, the management would have invested across the board to spear-head the organisation. As a result IT division would have developed new soft skills and basic network knowledge in operation and promote communication in any case the two division works together.

By this implementation, the approach of interdepartmental organisation could limit and deter frustrations and restore the IT Portfolio Value Management Process (IT-PVMP).The resources would have assisted in allocating tactical strategic and infrastructural projects. The same resource would have developed soft skills which will ease reliable communication when interacting with the technical workers and evolve business division processes, projects and goals. The IT division had been a key successful support in day to day tactical business cost but the strategic management seemed to be fanatic. This would have been well restored by functional business projects trips as a team and develop new operational skill for the purpose of achieving final goal. One of the key success toward implementation of well strategic business division is by developing mutual trust and firm support from each key individual in the division. In IT division, solving problem based on new technology is well restored when all new skill are incorporated and satisfied significantly. All this stated and proposed core values positively contribute to a well-organized firm. Principles like trust, competence, credibility and interpersonal skills are strategical key components in building and developing well solid relationship in a very successful department.

Importance of Interpersonal Skills in Building Trust and Cooperation Within the Organization

Another essential key element of prosperity is effective communication. In hefty Hardware, this was another core problem which well managed can play a very vital role in developing a long lasting motivation. A positive benefit that can be gained from establishing a well-organized communication plan would be to improve the relationships between Hefty Hardware’s IT and business divisions.  Improved communication between the IT and business teams will help everyone in understanding goals, and along with face to face interactions, will help improve the workplace culture at Hefty Hardware.

Another vital element that affects most of the productive companies is the time factor. Time management is a very essential element especially when working as a team. Essential skills are managed by time principle and can result to unlimited positive effects in every organisation. Productivity and motivational improvement are well managed by time interval between one sessions to another. This is a key role in IT division to meet gaps in business department. Time factor create a program that entails a particular task to be done at a given period, hence it reduces time wastage which enables seriousness in productive firm like Hefty Hardware.

As far as effective communication is vital in any productive organisation, when it is well implemented there still a big challenges in both business teams. Communication barriers cannot be ruled out in any organisation. These gaps are simply assumed and usually affect timelines of productivity. These are, making assumption in any small issues and conflicting massages which bring confusion in working sessions. In these two issues, assumption is kind of ignorance in the line of communication hence the whole team can lead to miscommunication. If this factor occurs the whole team find themselves out of line in the planned duty. The second vice is the conflicting massages which can cause communication process to breakdown definitely. In any firm where there is no frequent communication all the progress are not well manned and result to poor production. Also, in any partnership when communication breakdown the whole process is null and void.

Frequent communication at Hefty Hardware should always work in progress. As long as the IT and business divisions work together in removing any communication barriers, the two teams will be successful as long as communication is live.

To linkup IT and business division, a solid relationship must be recommended to strengthen the foundation in Hefty hardware .there is need to invest in training program to build both teams in a productive process. These training program will allow teams to interact and link together .The effects of team building enables the existing IT and business division to build a strong bond that will bring and enhance trust and cooperation  between personnel and increase the productivity as a result of interpersonal skills developed by interactive programs.  

Team Building and Training Programs as a Solution

By determining the root course of main problem affecting the two divisions, there is need for a team building program to investigate and come up with a concrete solution. In Hefty hardware the two division must merge through interacting during the training program and understand each other professionalism in terms of set goals, processes put in place and the available applied technology to give forth better results. A good communication plan should be effectively implemented between the two division and should be run through the right channel .this communication program should ensure that it runs across departmental groups to identify the main objectives for each of them, their targets the aimed messages to deliver, tactics used, project timeline, cost and success measures. Other forms of communication might include newsletters, blogs, emails, departmental meetings and employee meetings among others.

As much as effective communication chain in any organisation is important, there are various challenges that they come across. To begin with, time has become a challenge to many. Sometimes an organisation has serious issues to deal with and needs to discuss so that they can come to a positive conclusion, but the time available is limited. This limited time does not allow full communication to take place. So some important points may be omitted in the discussion and fail to be emphasized as required. Secondly, inadequate human resources. The available personnel might be less thus a challenge to meet the targeted message to be add on, some persons lack good communication skills as well as time management. Having the appropriate person with the expected characteristics would benefit the company for they are able to coordinate the overall communication chain and assist the organisation in achieving the communication plan.

They should ensure that the right information reaches the right team at the right time with overloading of employees. They should also work forward to balancing the communication process. The key thing is that managers should watch over the projects communication carried out in their companies, ensuring that there is openness and honesty, and allow the departments to be “empowered” with the right information to do their tasks. Too much information to the employees might overload the employees and find it hard to work on it while little information might lead to poor communication thus misunderstanding of one another and confusion of what the incomplete message was sent to mean. Misinterpretation is witnessed. Finally proper management of projects should be encouraged where the flow of communication is watched over, to ensure clear and precise plan on how to address its responsibilities and type of communication to be followed.