Howard Community College Changing Population Demographics Paper


Theories seem to be one of the more difficult elements of the course and yet theories are a foundation and framework with which to view growth and development.  Since theories will be a constant topic through the semester, I wanted you to have an opportunity to bring some structure and understanding to them so that you could have an easy reference document.  Therefore, your task is to complete the chart (attached) with content relevant to the theories.  Feel free to use other sources, but make sure to quote/cite properly to avoid plagiarism.
Population demographics continue to change.  Visit the ChildStats link below:

Identify three changes in the demographic trends (from the linked page) and then offer two possible explanations for each change (according to your opinion).  In other words, why do you think the numbers are going in the direction? Please make sure to think in terms of “explanations” instead of “answers”.  An answer could be “family values”, but an explanation should provide more depth and clarity to help your readers understanding your reasoning.
Use a multi-paragraph format (each change and reasons would be a separate paragraph).  
In your replies to other students, make sure to ask questions about their explanations and consider other ideas not explored. (In other words, help broaden their thinking and reflection about the content.)

Theory “cheat sheet”
Names to know
How does
development occur?
Theory parts and
You can put your cursor on any of the vertical lines an “slide” margins to the left and right.
The table boxes (“cells”) will word-wrap and so you don’t need to worry about those margins.
Consider using bullets or numbers to separate your ideas. If you do so, then it will be helpful to make sure it aligns to
the left side of the cell.

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