HUM 123 CCCHWC Pieces of Art Analysis Question


InstructionsLet’s start the written work by building on the lessons of identification, analysis, and critique of art. Choose 2 or 3 works of art–they can be ones you know well or not, ones you like or dislike–and subject them to the questions we asked of artwork in class.What is it?How was it put together?How does it stimulate our senses?What does it mean?The intent is for you to correctly identify the work, its creator(s), its medium, materials, form, and style. You should also share your reflection on its aesthetic effect on you–how does it stimulate your senses? What emotions does it produce? Ideas it calls to mind? Questions it raises? Finally, what is your judgment of the artwork? Is it good? Bad? Does it not seem to fit either term? Explain the reasoning and analysis behind your judgment.You are encouraged to compare/contrast between your chosen works, though it is not required. Your submission must be at least 900 words long.I am also attaiching a sample draf that how to write and what to write sample draff given by professorI would be analyzing three pieces of artifacts. I decided to go with something that I found appealing
because I don’t really have a special or favorite artifact. I feel that in the art industry I am completely
oblivious. But everyone has their own thoughts and opinions which makes any type of analysis valid. In
the following I decided to choose a artwork known as the Kiss, A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La
Grande Jatte, lastly Arrangement in Grey and Black.
In this first artwork it is known as The Kiss, it was created by Gustav Klimt in 1907-1908. Gustav
Klimt is a Austrian artist he was mainly known doe his paintings, murals, sketches and other art forms he
made. In this first artifact it seems to be a painting because of the way the artist has a variety of colors.
The way that it was put together is very odd. It seems to be an oil painting on a canvas. As you look at it,
you can’t really depict what is shown. But as you look closely you can see a woman and a male on a bed.
The male is giving the female a kiss on the cheek. This artifact shows a sense of romance because as the
title of the artwork is known as “The Kiss”. As I analyze the artwork, I see that the women have her eyes
closed and feels that she is happy with the male. I’m just a bit confused on the way that the artist Gustav
Klimt decided to portray this piece because it seems that they are laying on a bed. Also, it seems that
the male has a big yellow coat that makes him seem as someone important. Overall, I feel that the
artwork is very appealing because of the variety of colors Gustav Klimt used but also bright colors like
yellow, green and some blue. I can also notice slight monotone colors as black and white. I like the way
that the artist created this because I feel that everyone has that special someone that can appreciate
some sort of romance in their relationship. In my second artwork that I decided to choose is known as A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of
La Grande Jatte is by Georges Seurat. Georges Seurat is a French artist as mainly known for his painting
techniques that he used to distinguish his artwork. When he painted, he uses his techniques to portray
the play of lighting. But also, he was known as pointillism for his contrasting of colors. The artifact that I
Georges Seurat made seems to be a painting on oil. As you look at the tree or grass it seems like its
there but suppose to be moving with time. The way that I look at this artifact is smoothing because you
can see a bunch of people just enjoying the afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte. It clearly says in
the title that it’s a Sunday afternoon. It brings back memories before covid when I would go to the park
and they are people either walking or just enjoying time there. I feel that Georges Seurat was just trying
to show the way that people spend their Sunday afternoon during the 1880’s. It seems peaceful
everyone is looking ahead of them trying to let time go by. Overall, I feel that this an art piece that I
would have around the house because it just brings a sense of relaxation. Also, it shows that before the
advancement of technology people were just going out and living life. Now most of the people stay
inside and either be on their mobile devices. It something that I just keep in back of my mind, where
would be now if we didn’t have any sort of internet access.
The last artifact that I decided to choose is known as the Arrangement in Grey and Black by
James Abbot McNeill Whistler. James Abbot is an American Artist he was the one of the creators of art
for art’s sake. In this artifact it looks to be a painting on oil. This artifact looks sad and depressing the
way James decided to use the colors. He mainly used black and grey and the way that the women sitting
down I feel like she is just thinking about the memories she had. She is evaluating the choices that she
decided to make. I just want to what was James motive to make this piece of artwork was it dedicated
for all the older women that have reach this certain point. Although it looks like a sad artifact it was
supposed to be a portrait of Whistler moms. But, overall, It is a decent made artwork but its not something that I would buy or have in my house. I feel that it brings down people mood because once I
look at it. It makes me feel old or think about how time flies and were all going to get old.
To conclude, I looked at three pieces of artwork from different artist that all make paintings with
oil. I put in my input on the way that I take in the artwork and the feeling and thoughts that I get from
them. I learned from different type of artist what they find their passion in painting and how the time it
was in had an affect on it.

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