HUM 123 City Colleges of Chicago-Harold Washington Chicago Architecture Analysis


Hide Assignment InformationTurnitin®This assignment will be submitted to Turnitin®.InstructionsFor this essay, I want you to critically engage with a work of architecture located here in Chicago. Our city is world-famous for its architecture with countless examples in an enormous number of styles. I highly encourage you to go and visit the building or structure you are writing about, but if circumstances prevent this you will not lose points for it.Your first task is to identify and analyze along the lines of our previous assignment. What is the building and who is its architect? What is its structural method? Building material? Decorative material? Do these differ between the exterior and interior? What is its context within the cityscape? What is the building’s proportional scale within the city? How does it stimulate your senses?Having done that, I want you to try to fit it within Chicago’s architectural history. When was it built? What was its original function? Has that changed? What style of architecture is this? What does it reflect about the times in which it was built?As usual, at least 900 words long.

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