I need answers to my Physical Geology lab assignment!


I need the answers to my weekly lab assignment in my Physical Geology class. I have attached a word document with the assignment on it.

ACTIVITY 11.2 Introduction to Stream
Processes and Landscapes
A. Trout Run Drainage Basin:
1. 1. Complete items a through h below.
2. Imagine that drums of oil were emptied (illegally) at location X above. Is it likely
that the oil would wash downhill into Trout Run? Explain your reasoning.
ACTIVITY 11.4 Meander Evolution on the Rio
Refer to Figure 11.8 showing the meandering Rio Grande, the river that forms the national
border between Mexico and the United States. Notice that the position of the river changed
in many places between 1936 (red line and leaders by lettered features) and 1992 (blue
water bodies and leaders by lettered features). Study the meander terms provided in
Figure 11.8, and then proceed to the questions below.
A. Study the meander cutbanks labeled A through G. The red leader from each letter
points to the cutbank’s location in 1936. The blue leader from each letter points to
the cutbank’s location in 1992. In what two general directions (relative to the
meander, relative to the direction of river flow) have these cutbanks moved?
B. Study locations H and I.
1. 1. In what country were H and I located in 1936?
2. 2. In what country were H and I located in 1992?
3. 3. Explain a process that probably caused locations H and I to change from
meanders to oxbow lakes.
C. Based on your answer in item B3, predict how the river will change in the future at
locations J and K.
D. What are features L, M, and N, and what do they indicate about the historical path of
the Rio Grande?
E. What is the average rate at which meanders like A through G migrated here (in
meters per year) from 1936 to 1992? Explain your reasoning and calculations.

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