Identifying Perinatal Depression And Anxiety: Understanding Child Abuse Cases

Understanding Child Abuse

Discuss About The Identify Perinatal Depression And Anxiety.

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The author of the following book, Bruce Perry is a child psychiatrist based in the US state of Texas. The author in the following book has focused on the different cases of abuse suffered by people during childhood or the child who was treated and raised like a dog from his childhood. The management theme of the book is the suffering of the children in various cases related to child abuse.

A number of different problems and issues have been addressed by the author in this particular book which mainly includes the likes of the numerous child abuse cases that were referred to her.

The objective of the author is to raise the awareness among the people about the inhuman cases of torture against the children which turns them to pathetic human beings and makes their life a hell. The target audience of the book is generally the parents of different children, child care centers, schools, teachers and the ones who are in charge of leading the children into a correct path.

As mentioned earlier the book reveals to the readers a number of different types of child abuse cases and mentions that such cases turns the normal children to inhuman or lead them to commit crimes. A number of cases including the one that saw a child treated and raised like a child was the most cruel some event that can be thought of. There were also other cases like the one where a seven year old girl child named Tina suffered from extensive sexual abuse that made her believe that exchanging sexual acts can be the only way to earn approvals from other men. The main ideas of the book are explained in the summary chapter in the next part of the report.

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Early childhood plays an important part in the developmental growth of a child. During the time of pregnancy a strong relation or bond forms between the child and the mother. The moment from when the fertilization takes place within the mother’s body and a tiny seed is formed, the life of a baby changes for forever (Choate & Engstrom, 2014). The pregnancy of a mother involves a lot of different stages which are each termed as achievement for the baby and the mother. “The Boy who was raised as a dog” indicates the story of a number of different stories that refers to the plight of the children. Throughout the whole book there is a particular point where a child’s personality is seen to be transforming in a fast pace during each of the different events. Accounting to, Dogra et al. (2017) the life journeys of the child ends up in horror as they seem to get confused and ends up in the wrong way. The children suffer in distress, trauma, mistreatment, pain and also from all the negative activities. The children had been devoid of any help though they sought for help all the times when they were in such a distress condition. The inhuman activities have inflicted a deep scar in their hearts which cannot be removed even after their rescue or during their rehabilitation process. The author describes that it is a hard task for them to convince and show them the actual value of their lives and make them aware of the goodness that life can still provide them. Instead they seem to be very much integrated in deep thoughts of their past and fails to recognize the values and purpose of their lives (Maoulidi, 2015).

Impact of Child Abuse on Children’s Well-being

The stories narrated and brought up by the author to her readers has been a embarrassing fact for the readers as they seem to have enjoyed the situation and have been blind to such a pathetic situation. It seems that the readers has been able to get a deep understanding of the present situation and the trauma suffered by the children in real life situations through the eyes and experience of the author of the following book (Murray et al. 2015). The book clearly explains the horrifying experience of the different types of children. In each of the cases the ramification and the experience of the child is explained in detail. The different types of superficial developments in the early childhood stage of all the children have been explained in a much detailed and expressive way in the book (Farrington, 2017). The contents of the book clearly show the attempt of the author to create a defense mechanism. However the author makes a sorry state of the globe as he explains that though the situation of child abuse is quite common in all parts of the world, most of the people do not agree with the same.

Mrs. Perry explains that the best effective process between the healing of the different diseases is the relationship between a doctor and a patient. The more the patients think about the diseases, the less is the chance for them to heal from the diseases. The patients must accept the realty and have to move on in life with renewed energy and vigor to carry on in the life and be a successful individual (Eysenck, 2016). While writing the particular book the author protected the identity of each of the child and on the other hand did not forgot to write and explain each of the trauma stories to bring the plight of these particular children in front of the world. The style in which the author of the book has presented her viewpoint and experience and has presented the rawness of the reality will surely touch the hearts of the readers. The mental journey while treating the inhuman plight of all these people have surely moved the author and has made her one of them. The book in no way is ordinary and it must be considered as the collection of facts about treatment approaches and a documentary of the trauma that each child faces in their early development stage. It is an eye opening book for the common people as it explains the hard reality of the life of a child.

The Role of Early Childhood in Developmental Growth

All the stories of the book are highly captivating but the chapter 8 titled “The Raven” is powerful. A child named Amber was physically abused by her mother’s partner who made her dejected and made her feel immense pain which disturbed her childhood. Such stories provided by the author really describe the immense plights and extreme sufferings of the children and makes the book one of the best buy categories (Wilmshurst, 2017).


As mentioned earlier the book has been one of the very best in its category. The author has explained the different techniques and approaches that he used on his patients. The readers after having a thorough reading of the following book will be completely convinced of the utility and the importance of the book in spreading awareness about child rights and raising voices against the crime committed towards the children. The genuine, yet short and compact stories will surely leave a deep impression on the minds of the readers and will provide the opportunity for a single person or a community as a whole to help the child who is in distress. It must be noted that the author have urged the reader to stop being non-reactive to the practical crimes committed against the children and act like humans and have also urged the readers to walk the extra mile and contribute to the well being of the society.


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