Impact Of Digital Technology On The Marketing Of Hutchison 3G UK Limited

Research Questions

Topic: Assessment of the impact of digital technology on the marketing of the “Hutchison 3G UK Limited”.

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The subject of the paper is the Hutchison 3G UK Limited which is branded by the name of three mobile is “UK’s fastest growing network” (Three 2018). The network of the subject covers over 97% of the UK population and carries over 36% of the “UK’s network internet tariff” (Three 2017). The subject has also been awarded multiple awards for its network and customer services. One of the notable fact about the awards won by the organisation is based on the consumer’s opinions rather than the critic related votes which cites the goodwill that is entertained by the subject by its consumers. Additionally, according to Tadajewski (2016), goodwill is the reflection of marketing and hence, it can be assumed that the marketing of the subject is very impactful. Hence, it is of great vitality that the marketing of the subject is assessed and what are the factors that influence it. Additionally, the subject is a technology driven organisation which can be used to cite that the technology has a strong impact on the operations of the former. Hence, the objective of the paper is to analyse the marketing strategy. The paper will most prominently focus on the impact of the digital technology on the marketing strategies and status of the subject.


The aim of the paper in discussion is to analyse the impact that digital technology has on the subject of the paper and how the former has enabled the subject to enjoy competitive advantage in UK.

The research questions that will be pursued throughout the paper and based upon which the management plan will be developed have been listed as follows:

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  • Specific: To evaluate the impact of the digital technology on the marketing of the subject.
  • Measureable: To measure the benefits that the digital technology has offered to the marketing of the subject and in the process offer competitive advantage.
  • Attainable: To evaluate the marketing factors that have formulated the perception of the customers towards the subject and what role did digital technology played in it.
  • Relevant: To propose recommendations with the capability to further leverage the digital technology to develop a stronger and intruding marketing strategy.
  • Time Bounded: To complete the research work within a time frame of 11 weeks.

Following sections cover the project management plan for the business research including all the project constraints such as objectives, cost, time and quality.

Cost Objective

The budget for the delivery of this research is estimated to be £500.

Time Objective

The research will be proceeded for ten weeks.

Quality Objective

In manner to assure that the project delivery is capable of fulfilling the needs and requirements of the research paper and produce an efficient result that can drive to better clarity and expression of the results. The ethical consideration will be managed throughout the research and the data being collected and proposed will be in an efficient and effective manner. The reliability of the research and the identified results will be authenticate and confidential. The better and precise result should be presented through contacting the marketing managers of the Hutchison and the precision will be managed through surveying the marketing representatives of Hutchison.

Project Management Plan

The survey will be driven without affecting the ongoing activities of the Hutchison marketing employees through sharing the list of questions to them through mail.  

Scope of the Research

The wide application of the digital technologies have been leading to the rise of many telecommunication in the UK and the services being provided by them have become challenging as the competition is growing rapidly. Digital marketing has become the integral part for most of the companies in manner to cope up with the competitive environment and create own place in the race of the best among the respective industries.

Digital marketing is helpful in widening the scope for the industries to be ahead of all the respective competitors and for researching about the impact of the digital marketing in the business of the Hutchison following scopes have been considered:

In Scopes

  • Application and benefits gained by the Hutchison through utilizing the digital marketing for promoting the business operational activities.
  • Analysis of the efficiency of customer satisfaction through introducing the better approaches related to the products and services of the Hutchison.
  • Integrating the relation between the operational activities and the digital marketing strategies.

Out Scopes

  • Expenses enhancement Increment
  • Maintenance of the digital technology
  • Diversity and globalization
  • Policy compilation


The data and information will be collected from the annual reports and contacting the individuals associated with the digital marketing of the Hutchison. The entire research will be completed within £500 for the research activities and necessary resources.  Microsoft office suit and Google forms accessibility will be required for the collection of data and information and interacting with the respective representatives of the survey.


  • Denial from the Hutchison representatives could drag back from analysing their point of view on the respective topics
  • The responses should be provided under anyone’s influence and every representative should not be biased while responding
  • Less efficient and reliable data analysis could possibly influence the entire result of the project.

The following table provides the communication plan that will be adhered while communicating with the different stakeholders for the purpose of this research:


Communication technique

Communication Purpose

Frequency of communication

The administrative department of Hutchison

A formal letter will be forwarded to the Hutchison for the approval of the management for the meetings and communication and expose of the information necessary for the research.

If the physical appearance is necessary, then the physical meetings will be attended meetings   with the management in manner to propose them about the research and inform the necessary information required for it.

Approval for the meeting and stating them the purpose of the research and the beneficial aspects of the research for the Hutchison.   

Two times throughout the research

Marketing Managers of Hutchison

Personal interview will be taken for the collection of their perspective on the digital marketing and acquiring necessary information for the business research.

The necessary information will be noted down and recorder for the further involvement in the business research and reaching at the conclusion

Two times

Customers of the Hutchison

The individuals who have liked the social web pages of the Hutchison will be selected and specially, the ones who have  communicated there for certain topics

Their views will be collected and recorded for further analysis and proposing specific findings those are necessary for this business research.  

One Time

Work Breakdown Structure


Purpose of the Activity

Resource Requirements

Followed Procedure


Approval about the meeting and expose of the information related to the Hutchison considering the policies of Hutchison

To assure that further information sharing and exposing will not hamper any of the policy of Hutchison and all the necessary details could be gathered and utilized for the research. Another purpose of this activity will to get proper authentication and approval from the Hutchison executive to meet the managers and discuss about the concepts of the research.  

Network connectivity, computer systems, contact information of the managers.

The first attempt will be to look for the personal or professional mails of the executives for the approval of meeting with the managers. Thereafter, the managers will be send a request for joining at certain meeting with venue, date, and  

Proper and effective support from the staffs of the Hutchison and approval on meeting the respective managers for the collection of data and information.

Operation managers interviews

Collection of their perceptions on the customer services and the collection of the responses related to the developed questionnaire that will be helpful in reaching a precise and accurate result.

Network connectivity, computer systems, contact information of the managers.

Meeting with the respective managers operational without altering their jobs that will be helpful for the research

Collection of the authenticated and adequate collection of data that will lead to a precise and accurate qualitative findings

Surveying with the consumers of Hutchison

Collection of the responses of the consumers on the relative services being provided by the Hutchison through the application of the digital technology

Network connectivity, computer systems, contact information of the managers.

Targeting the consumers from the social media, visiting the Hutchison stores, thereafter requesting for their personal mail ids and finally, sharing the questionnaire for the survey.

Accurate and authenticated data and information will be collected related to the responses of the consumers.

Analysing the data collected through the survey

The purpose is to analyse the data and information collected from the survey to reach at a particular conclusion and finding

Network connectivity, computer systems, contact information of the managers.

Quantitative analysis will be driven for reaching at a conclusion that can lead to certain findings.

This will be helpful in finalising the entire collected data and information and reaching at a particular point that can be helpful in enhancing the efficiency of the research.

Submitting the final developed research report

To gather the feedbacks from the University professors and the Hutchison managers for relating the research findings and the results

Network connectivity, computer systems, contact information of the managers.

Development of the two copies those could be shared among the University and the Hutchison for demonstrating the effectiveness of the results gathered

Gather a practical experience of research that can be helpful in developing a future personality to drive effective and efficient research in future.


Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

Week 8

Week 9

Week 10

Aim and Objectives determination related to the research

Project management plan development for the execution of the research

Collection of the qualitative data through interviewing the marketing managers

Questioning with the customers and gathering their feedback about the Hutchison  

Analysing the collected data from the consumers and moving to certain exact findings

Submitting the final report


The above report presents an analysis on the transformation being implemented within the Hutchison through the application of the digital technology considering the point of views of the consumers and the Hutchison marketing managers. The proposed project management plan will be helpful in developing the research within the expected schedule and reaching at an exact finding that can be beneficial for the Hutchison and my career at the University. The proposed research will be conducted through the implementation of the quantitative and qualitive data analysis in manner to reach to a specific and accurate findings and results. The research will be helpful for the Hutchison in manner to utilize the digital technologies in much efficient way and leading the organization towards the success.  

Interview Questionnaire for Marketing Managers

  1. How much effective is the implementation of the digital technology in the enhancement of the Hutchison’s success in UK?
  2. How the digital technologies are being utilized by the Hutchison for informing the customers about the packages and necessary information related to the services?

Following are the recommendations those could be introduced to the Hutchison considering the quantitative and qualitative analysis driven in the above report:

  • Hutchison should enhance the smartphone application interface that should be capable of introducing a feature of feedback system from the consumers. This will allow the organization to consider the reviews of the consumers and how these could be improved for the betterment of the organization.
  • Customers are looking for much enhanced services as those are being introduced by other telecom industries in this competitive environment.
  • The Hutchison can introduce customer services in addition to the customer support in manner to assure that every consumer is being handled by the organization in an efficient and effective manner.
  • Hutchison can improve the broadband packages services for the enhancement in the target market and making better profits in the industries.
  • Hutchison does not seems to be much connected with the consumers on the Social Medias and thus, they need to be involved with the Customer Relationship Management on the social media platform.  

Digital technology can be the better option for the Hutchison in manner to be the top most attractive organization for the consumers and thus, enhance the productivity and output of the organization. The business always looks for the innovation as the continuous growth in the market leading to more competition and the organizations need to manage all the operational activities and the consumers to satisfy them. The above report successfully analyse the responses of various candidates on the topic related to the application of digital technology in the enhancement of the performance of Hutchison.

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