Impact Of POS System On Four Seasons Greenhouse And Nursery

Advantages and disadvantages of POS system

Information technology plays crucial role in terms with enhancing performance of business organisations. Information technology has come up with group of strategies that incorporates with business operation. This study is helpful to analyse the impact of IT system in the context of Four Seasons Greenhouse and Nursery. It is important for Four Seasons Greenhouse nursery that it must implement PoS in order to manage it financial transaction and it minimise the extra burden of manual record system. This study is beneficial to highlight the status, statutes, potential and constraints of e-Business using PoS machine. The paper shall also list specific policy changes aimed at bringing improvement to the legal and regulatory environment affecting e-business.

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PoS stand for point of sale in which customers can able to pay the amount using machine system. Seller can easily generate invoice for the customers who purchase products from the outlets (Ahmad et al. 2015, p.160). It is beneficial in order to track down the financial transaction of the business organisation like Four Seasons Greenhouse and Nursery and it minimises the extra burden of manually inputting the account information.  


  • It has improve efficiency of accounts system
  • It has effective stock management system that can able to track the record of financial transaction
  • It generates accurate reports of the transactions
  • It has price consistency ability


  • PoS requires reliable internet connection and it is easily vulnerable under security breach during transaction process
  • The software of maintaining and upgrading PoS system is expensive and it requires regular updating in order to run financial operations
  • Software based system of PoS is more complicated compared to web based solutions

From the perspective of Four Seasons Greenhouse and Nursery, it is important to transform its transaction process into PoS oriented process so that it can carry out hassle work and cut down unnecessary expenses of business operations. The main benefits associated with PoS are;

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Accuracy: Scanning process in PoS system is highly developed and it can easily recognise the card types when the card swiped through the machine. In addition to this, it can able to identify the cost of the each transaction process that is useful to generate invoice more effectively.

Analysis: PoS systems are helpful to manage inventory, flag items for reorder, and analyse sales patterns. It has a cash register that can able to store information of the transactions and later that information is transferred into invoice

Figure 1: PoS in competitive advantages

(Source: Gonçalo and Alencar, 2014, p.350)

Centralised database recording system is helpful to track down the financial system and also beneficial to restore information for future references (Gonçalo and Alencar, 2014, p.350). It is not only helpful to turn down manual recording system but also beneficial for everydays operation in a systematic manner. It offers the following services in the context of Four Seasons Greenhouse and Nursery;

Improves the design

Centralised database storage improves data preservation that if far more beneficial than storing in PC or any storage devices. It has fault tolerant setup that prevents duplication of records. It is evident that it minimizes the impact of catastrophic hardware failure with reference to transaction.

Physical Security

Locally stored data are vulnerable under security threats and it is quite impossible to restore the information in case of failure (Kim and Song, 2017, p.322). Centralized database storage and proper server room security restrict direct physical access to a single location and a small group of people.  

Reliability and Update speed

Centralised storage basically deals with quality components and redundancy that is more reliable compared to local storage. In addition to this, it provides virtualization and comprehensive data access.

PoS system helps the business gain competitive advantages

Figure 2: PoS Growth

(Source: Lima and WOOD, 2014, p.460)

From the perspective of business operation, it is important that it should continue to reform its operational structure with the help of it resolutions. PoS system has come up with comprehensive methods that accustomed with sales efforts and its evolution.

Sales empowerment

The most effective resolution that incorporates with PoS implementation is its ability to deliver report on sales staff (Sharma et al. 2014, p.440). In addition to this, product recommendation can be easily done with the help of plan participation; resolution of billing questions the product delivery can be easily performed. A PoS system is useful to enable sales oriented associated to leverage system.

Customer intelligence

PoS are helpful to track down the financial statement of Four Seasons Greenhouse and Nursery in terms with business operation. Product preferences can be monitored with PoS that cannot be efficiently managed with traditional recording system (Lima and WOOD, 2014, p.460).

System process is helpful in order to track down system information and compile sales history. Accurate inventory management is beneficial in order to enhance decision making process in the context of PoS adoption. The system report can able to represent information regarding transaction and inventory management such as purchase order, sales order and discarded order.


Figure 3: PoS Networking

(Source: Krush et al 2015, p.36)

A PoS machine requires high level of network connection so that transaction process can be easily completed (Lai et al. 2015, p.122). In this respect, adoption of Wide Area Networking (WAN) is beneficial from the perspective of Four Seasons Greenhouse and Nursery.  A WAN network is extremely helpful in order to exchange information over long distances. It is far more effective from LAN networking and can able to connection ample number of devices with its network. WAN consists of several LAN that connects all together so that information can be easily shared. According to Krush et al. (2015, p.36), PoS can works on both network platform but with the help of WAN it can operates in wider platform so that a link between seller and customer is established in terms with financial transaction. PoS are extremely helpful to carry out financial transaction of Four Seasons Greenhouse and Nursery with the help of internet without using a static IP. The Internet provides the network architecture that is beneficial to carry out communication process by using dedicated channel.

Media for PoS

PoS operate on basically three platforms such as mobile PoS, Tablet PoS and Terminal Pos. In the context of Four Seasons Greenhouse and Nursery, it is evident that it can run its business operations in any of the above platform. Meanwhile, due to advancement, customers generally prefer to transact with wireless medium rather than any other mode. According to Banerjee et al. (2016, p.22), PoS services through Smartphone can able to manage inventory and customers information. It requires only a dedicated network system that should have advanced level security features so that vulnerable issues can be addressed easily.

On the other hand, business organisation that operates on store requires terminal PoS in order to carry out business operations. Four Seasons Greenhouse and Nursery operates on store base services and in this respect a terminal PoS is beneficial to carry out the task of financial transactions (Peng et al. 2016, p.91). Terminal Pos operates on guided medium as well as wireless medium and hence it is more effective compared to other mode of operation. In addition to this, terminal PoS offers services on real time basis so that business organizations can carry out financial transaction without interrupting its operation.

The advantages of having a centralised database

Cyber security is a major matter of concern from the perspective of business organisations and its intensity is very significant in terms with PoS transactions. Information of PoS is stored in cloud domain and due to security breaches the system has witnessed significant level of threats from the hackers.


PoS has faced main problem in terms with security issue. It has been observed that PoS machine is easily hacked and due to this the information of the clients might be explored in open platform. As a result account information of customers is disclosed to third party entity that causes violation of customers right (Visnjic et al. 2016, p.42). Hackers with the help of security breaches steal information of the cards of customers that they have swiped in Pos machines. In this respect, updating system software in regular interval is very effective in order to minimise the level of vulnerability while using Pos for financial transactions.


Privacy is a serious matter of concern from the perspective of business organisations like Four Seasons Greenhouse and Nursery. As it has lack in terms with security, hence the level of risk is high in PoS with reference to privacy issues (Santos et al. 2016, p.56). In addition to this, PoS machine has witnessed significant threat in terms with security breaches. The main reason behind the problem is that PoS uses open source channel to carry out transaction process. Hence it is important to use patches in order to fix the bugs of the system.


PoS machine is vulnerable under the threat of security breaches and thus it explores confidential information of the customers. Hence, from the perspective of Four Seasons Greenhouse and Nursery, it is important that it should address the issues of confidentiality so that information of its customers might not be transferred to some others.

It is important to install effective firewall inside the system so that customer’s data will not be vulnerable to other entities. Apart from this, using dedicated hybrid cloud domain for storing information might be more effective compared to conventional cloud domain. Point of Sale software built specifically for operational work flow and it will help Four Seasons Greenhouse streamline communications through business.


Information Technology has reshaped traditional approach of business operation.  In this respect, implementation of PoS while carrying out financial transaction is fare effective compared to other mode of transactions process. Internet service providers have come up with dynamic approach that establishes a virtual platform for business operations. In addition to this, PoS have turned down the extra expenses to maintain manual records of the payments. It is evident that with the help of internet and PoS existing system of operation can be modified to a higher level.


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