Importance Of Self-analysis For Personal And Professional Development

Self-reflection helps in knowing strengths and weaknesses

Self-reflection is one of the most important aspects of the modern day scenario and it is important for each and every individual to undertake these tests. This is because the self-analysis tests help the individuals in knowing the qualities and the drawbacks present within the individuals. This helps them to take the necessary measures for developing themselves. I have been benefitted by using all these self-analysis tools. I have been able to identify much strength and weakness that are associated with my personality and I can take up steps for nurturing the strengths that are present within me. At the same time, I can take up steps that will help me to work over the areas of my weakness and improve over them.

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One of the most important theories that I have learned from this assignment is self-awareness. Self-awareness is one of the most important things needed in this modern day scenario. It helps people to become much more mature in the course of life and develop the sense of accountability. They can develop a sense of responsibility and accountability for their own mistakes and drawbacks. Self-esteem is created within any individuals through the self-esteem and the self-efficacy.

I have been able to develop a good sense of self-esteem and self-efficacy within myself. I have been able to analyze my self-esteem in a clear and prominent way. I have been able to become much more enduring, calm and organized in nature. I have also developed and strengthened my self-efficacy. This is because I have to develop myself in the areas of my weakness so that I can become a good employee in my near future. I believe that having a proper awareness about one’s own self is indeed very important because this helps in a proper professional development. This will help me in developing my decision-making skills as well. I will be able to know my weakness and overcome them. I have been able to connect my present experiences with those of the past. This has also helped me in understanding the mistakes that I made in past and how to overcome them. I have learned in this course about Mindy Grossman who is the chief executive officer of HSN Inc. who emphasizes the study of self-awareness. She is of the opinion that one if the greatest thing or greatest achievement in our lives is to learn about the flaws and the qualities present in one’s own personality.

Self-awareness helps in developing maturity and accountability

I believe that unless I am able to understand my flaws and work over them I cannot be a good leader and cannot lead others in the right direction. The key to success is to be self-aware and knowledgeable about the strengths and weaknesses present within my own self. In my school and college life, I was often very restless and nervous while taking any decisions. I did not know what to do and what not to do whenever I faced any tough situation. I used to think that my decision will surely have some or the other and negative sequences. I was afraid that I will not be able to take the right decision so I used to go into a huge depression and this had a very bad impact on my mental well being. So, I have realized after going through this lecture that it is very essential to be aware of one’s dark areas or the blind areas working over these dark areas is indeed very essential, particularly for the leaders. So, I have started working on this particular aspect and I feel that this is really helping me a lot with developing my personality. I have started taking many meditation classes that are helping me to work over my patience and my concentration levels. This is helping me to develop myself I to a good and able leader for my future. I feel that now I am able to take decisions on my own.

I have also come across many important theories and concepts in this lecture. Some of them are the self-efficacy theory and the self-esteem theory as well. One of the important tools that can be helpful in this aspect is the Johari window. This has helped me in knowing my own capacity and self-worth in a better way. I have been greatly benefited by comparing my personality characteristic with the list of the things included under the high self-efficacy and the low self-efficacy group. I feel that I have so if the low esteem qualities that need a huge improvement. For an example, I have the fear element working within me. In other words, I often fear the after effects or the bad consequences that might crop up after some of my actions or decisions. So, this is having a very bad impact on my personality and it might turn out to be bad for my professional career as well.

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Importance of Self-esteem and Self-efficacy

I do not want to ruin my career. I want to be very efficient and an ideal manager in the near future. In order to fulfill my goal, I have o make sure that I am being very active, confident, organized and fearless. I have to take stands for my teammates and for supporting that what is right. This is one of the major aspects of leadership. In order to become a good leader, I have to wok over myself efficacy skill. I have been inspired by the works of Daniel Goleman as well. I think that measuring the EQ or the emotional intelligence is also one of the most important things for the professional career development. I think that it is essential to work on the four slabs like self-awareness, self-leadership, social awareness, and the relationship management as well. I have learned that I must keep positive and competent people around me who will be helping to develop my skills and my personality. I must also know myself better and work for improving my personality.

The usage of the Johari window has also been very useful for me. I have learned from this part of the lecture that improving the self-awareness is not based only on my own understanding but also the understanding of others. In other words, I have to take feedbacks from others including my friends, colleague and my peers. I have to know how they feel about me. This is because a good leader cannot carry on with his work without getting the proper support from all his teammates. It is for this reason that taking the feedback from others becomes very essential. Earlier I was very nervous, restless under any pressure. I use to lose my temper as well. I used to stay very cheerful and friendly with all at the workplace and this was an open characteristic that is known to all. All my peers and colleagues know about this aspect of mine. However, on the other hand, my angry temperament was one of the hidden aspects that were known to me but not to others. Once there was a group assignment and we had a huge pressure.

I was working for a company as an intern. I was a very dedicated employee but I could not really handle the work pressure with the passage of days. One day we were working for 6 hours even after the official shift timing. I was not able to face this work pressure anymore. I suddenly lost my patience and became very angry. I was being very rude to my employees and I did not want to carry on with the work any longer and just wanted to leave. This was really very bad and I must have not done this at any cost. At the same time, I was very empathetic towards others. This was the blind spot within me and it is such a quality that was not really known to me. I got to know this from others. I saw one of my colleagues suffering from a financial problem. I asked him to share his grief with me and I could not stop myself from helping him. I helped him with everything that I could. I gave him money from my salary and made sure that he is at least being able to meet with his problem temporarily and regain his mental strength.

Connecting experiences and learning from mistakes

I have come to know that I am having some strengths and weakness. I need to nurture my strengths and work over my weaknesses as well. I have come to know that I need to keep a control over my temper in the stressful situation. If I want to be a good leader in the near future, then I cannot afford to lose my temper and behave badly with my team managed or with my colleagues. I have to be very calm and of an organized nature. I need to lead my teammates in the right direction and I have to support them at every instance. So, it is my duty to work over my weakness first. I am very active and I do not back step in taking up any new challenges. I am always up for taking up challenges. However, I need to back it up with a good, organized and calm temperament. I have to work over my introvert nature as well. I have to increase the open part of my Johari window so that I can be much closer to my colleagues and my teammates. This will surely be very helpful for my overall career.

“How are you going to improve your decision-making in the future” 

I will be using all the information that I have acquired in this lecture for my future career. I will be working over my introvert nature so that I can be more friendly and approachable. For being a good leader in my near future, I have to make sure that I am aware of my own flaws. I will also take feedback from my team members and my colleagues’ regarding their work experiences with me. This will help me to understand my progress.

I will never take the undue advantage of my power or my position. I will always try to learn from the co-workers and take their opinions and their feedback as well. I will make sure that I am surrounding myself with all the positive people. This will help me to imbibe the positive aspects within myself and become an ideal leader in future.


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