Importance of the Great Exhibition of 1851

  • July 11, 2024/

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Provide some details of the Great Exhibition of 1851, and say why it was so important.
The Great Exhibition of 1851 was the world’s first world exposition. The Great Exhibition of 1851 was an international exhibition that took place in Hyde Park, London. The 1851 was means the years and The Great Exhibition of 1851 was from 1 May to 11 October 1851. The Great Exhibition of 1851 was mainly focus on the world’s cultural and industrial technology. In The Great Exhibition 1851, Britain wanted to tell all of the public, the success of the achievement after The Industrial Revolution, and that were to become a prevalent 19th-century feature. The Great Exhibition was enormously influential on the development of many aspects of society including art and design education, international trade and relations, and even tourism.

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The Great Exhibition 1851 was organized by Henry Cole and Prince Albert, husband of the reigning monarch, Queen Victoria. The aim of this activities was to celebrate the new trend of modern industrial technology and design. Maybe due to the Prince and the Queen’s aides very enthusiastic to promote this fair can be profitable, finally persuaded the British government on January 3, 1850 Royal Commission was set up to organized the Expo 1851, Accordingly greatly enhance the feasibility of the plan, and this committee Britain was included most prestigious engineers Isambard Kingdom Brunel.
The Crystal Palace was very important for the Great Exhibition of 1851. Joseph Paxton’s design is inspired by the Amazon water lily Victoria, found the water lily can support huge leaves, when Joseph Paxton checking underneath, there are radiation-like elongated blade support ribs hard to obtain a design inspired, and application in architecture.
Joseph Paxton’s plan for the garden, fountains, terraces, small waterfalls and other skills was very good, in this Crystal Palace have many elm was planted, acreage approximately nine acres. The Crystal Palace also has a lot of small fountains and waterfalls, the highest up to 250 feet height, initial water tower construction as load-bearing problems and collapse, after deliberations , the two powerful towers, is divided into three reservoirs, namely the north and the south end of the place, as well as the central part of the garden, to spread the weight. The main idea is to find the power structure, durability, simplicity and speed.
Firstly, The Crystal Palace was a famous building in the Great Exhibition of 1851, The Crystal Palace was made by iron and glass. The building used the area of nine hundred thousand square feet, the equivalent of eighty-four thousand square meters of glass or eight half-standard football field. Included the iron prop have three thousand three hundred, Iron beams two thousand three hundred and covers seventy-four thousand square meters, width and length are about 408 feet, 1851 feet equivalent to 125 meters, 564 meters, has around 3-story building. This is a very extensive building in 19th-century.
Secondly, This design and building were very fashionable and originality on 19th-century. Since
It is an important symbol of the Industrial Revolution, it was originally pavilion for the first time in 1851 World Expo held in London, the official name of this World’s Fair Exposition of Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of all Nations. In five months, from May to October 1851, six million visitors throng the gigantic trade show, marveling over the latest technology as well as displays of artifacts from around the world. Until to 1936, the Great Exhibition had previously attracted numerous various social classes of tourists come to visit.
Thirdly, World Expo visit year only six months, the building was supposed to be disposed. But but the final decision was made to subvert by parliament, Within two years, meet again by Queen Victoria opening ceremony this was long-term exhibition, for London, especially the addition of the two railway stations. this is one of the still running Crystal Palace railway station now, another station is the gateway to the parade area, today all of the passengers can still see its Italian style mosaic roof.
Finally, Among the exhibits, almost every Victorian’s generation left are surprising for the visitors, there are included pottery, porcelain field, iron factories, steam hammer, hydraulic, perfume, pianos, houses, diving gear, guns, barometers, Textiles and fireworks etc.
On the other hand, The Crystal Palace was have a lot other problems to affect contemporary design and develop the building.
Firstly, in the items of the materials, the traditional earth, wood, brick, stone was replaced by iron and glass. Although is not of the first to used iron as a building material, however, used the iron prefabricated frame was unprecedented. Its effects open to suspicion since it is a unprecedented case, they can not have a successful case to support they when they are develop the building.
Secondly, in terms of construction, traditional brick and stone stack technology is rivet, sleeve and screw fittings, fasteners replaced as the house as a machine to install. It is an unsafe practice as the Crystal Palace has around 3-story building and mainly items of the materials were a iron and glass, the Crystal Palace have a lot of visitors to visit, so the structure of the building must be very safety.
Finally, In November 1936 the Crystal Palace was tragically destroyed in a spectacular fire. the Crystal Palace was made by iron and glass which are building materials. When the light from the sun is direct exposure on the Crystal Palace, it will initiate a fire and the iron is not to receive a high temperature, it is easy to become deformed. The result is the fire will spread so fast.
However, Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne, Australia Expo again inherited the London Crystal Palace style. The difference is mainly due to Crystal Palace is not a permanent building, the main materials were iron and glass, all set up was for the convenience and short-term used, was not a long-term used and was not a one of the Exhibition Building.
World Expo and a number of cities in Europe after several decades of years, many of the pavilion type buildings are modeled on glass frame structure by Crystal Palace. Royal Exhibition Building is a permanent building with solid walls and roof. Until today, the Royal Exhibition Building is still standing in the Riccarton Park Melbourne. A hundred years ago, making it increasingly fascinating Victorian’s elegance. In all of the buildings in Melbourne, its influence comparable to stabilizer. In June 2004, Royal Exhibition Building was included in the World Heritage List of the United Nations, Australia has become the only ranked as the world’s cultural heritage buildings.
The Crystal Palace in London had only provided a venue for the Expo exhibits show, but has become the first World Expo of the most successful works and exhibits, it not only witnessed to the infinite glory of the Victorian era has also become a symbol of the world exposition. Today, the modern city building is very fast, however, if we can careful to inquiry, we can observe many of today’s building materials and methods are within from the impact of the Crystal Palace, Although The Crystal Palace was a historical buildings, yet in a different form changing Joseph Paxton’s creative ideas. In this sense, the “Crystal Palace” is still alive in our side, and will long continue.

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