Indian Hills Community College Bacteria and How They Cause Diseases Discussion


Exercise 1You have reviewed bacteria and how they cause disease. In some cases the spread of bacterial infections is actually caused by human error. In the Microbial Pie case, you saw how improperly prepared food, poor hand washing, or improperly stored food can cause outbreaks of bacterial infections. In remote areas this could occur as well. Discuss what measures you would take in a remote area of the world where you may be sent by WHO. Remember, you have limited resources, water may be contaminated, and there is no refrigeration.Exercise 2Research malaria. What type of microorganism causes it?Then work through the Khan Academy tutorial on Malaria Review structure and function of human cells.Design and submit a concept map on what you have learned. It should include concepts and connections between concepts including:Types of eukaryotic microorganisms that cause diseaseStructure of eukaryotic microorganismsHost-Parasite relationshipExamplesDisinfection/destruction of different types of eukaryotic microorganismsExercise 3Activity 1: Cell ModelsMake a model of a typical human cell with the major organelles. Label all the organelles and provide a short description of their function.Take pictures of your cell.Activity 2: Virtual Lab Cellular PursuitComplete the virtual lab Cellular Pursuit Activity 3: Virtual Lab Virtual PathologyComplete the virtual lab Virtual Pathology Activity 4: PandemicPlay Pandemic II Find friends or classmates to play with you. Discuss what occurs as the disease spreads and what challenges occur in trying to control the pandemic. Activity 5: Case StudyComplete the case Study: African Illness: A Case of Parasites? First, Download the case study.Second, Work through the case, answering all questions.Submit all work including lab reports, analysis of pandemic game, and case study to Moodle.

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