Innovative Design Theories And Reflection – Week 3 To Week 6 Course Review

Introducing the Subject of Design IT

This reflective report presents the reflection of blogs and presentation that I had attended during the class. It also illustrates the technology related todesign it process.

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During these weeks, I have improved my knowledge regarding “design it”. I have also learned about the entrepreneurship. In this way, it is pointed out that entrepreneurship is the procedure through which an individual pursues the opportunities by utilizing the available resources. This week was beneficial for me inincrease the comprehension regarding the roles of entrepreneurship. In this way, it is observed that an entrepreneur assemble and combines all the required resources such as people, money, business model and strategy in order to invent and transform the idea into the viable company (Mackey, and Gass, 2015).During this week, I have also increased my understanding regarding the innovation and model of innovation procedure. In this way, I have increased my understanding that innovation process starts with the search and end with the capture. This week was also effective for me to increase the knowledge about the different aspects and dimension of innovation space. In this week, something that surprised me was to gain knowledge about writing the reflection.   

During the week 3, I have gained my understanding regarding the logic of reasoning with and without the design. In this week, I have learned certain illustration about the drunken violence and crime at nightclubs that provide a clear view of the logic of reasoning regarding design. I have increased my knowledge regarding what and how was used effectively here and also the same illustration for a logic of reasoning with a design. I have boosted my understanding with respect to what and how was practiced effectively in reflection and the same illustration for the logic of reasoning with a design. In this week, I have gained my knowledge regarding a few minor things that may vary design with and without logic.

This week was also beneficial for me as it has gained my knowledge regarding the divergent and convergent thinking. In this week, I have gained my knowledge regarding convergent and divergent thinking. Before attending the class, I have not comprehensible regarding 3 type of loop learning system. However, I had managed to deliver the concept with the simple illustration. This week has also enhanced my knowledge that the design procedure is not a linear procedure. After the session, I have gained my knowledge that managersthink more as a good designer. During this week, I have also enhanced my experience regarding how to design a poster. This week would be beneficial to me for developing an effective and efficient poster.

Problem Identification and Reasoning

This week has increased my knowledge regarding Design Problems. It would be effective for me to complete the requirement of assignment 2. During this week, I have increased my knowledge regarding the principles of design thinking such as solving the ‘wicked’ problems, observation, prototyping, human-centered and empathetic, visualization, experimentation,and active learning, and a ‘beginner’s mindset’. These principles would be applied by me in designing the process. This week has also increased my knowledge about the findings of the problem. In this way, it was pointed out that DT is a keyproblem-solving methodology that can help to find the problems (Lewis, 2015). It could be effective for me to deal with the issue in the process of designing. This week has also increased my knowledge regarding visualization and reflection tool. I have gained my learning about the significant DT technique to understand the need of stakeholders and personas. In this way, it is observed that customers tend to be understood as real people who they are, their needs, characteristics, dislikes, behavior, preferences, thought and feeling (Flick, 2015). This would be beneficial for me to understand the customers and become more empathetic.

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This week was beneficial for me to test designing of the skills as it helps me to understand the different concept. As a result, I have converted different sports balls, the shape of donuts, and Emojis. During this week, I feel that time factor is a key element for designing tasks. My fellow students demonstrated some good performance hence I have discussed with him regarding how they are thinking regarding building a new opinion. This week had also developed my knowledge regarding brainstorming session. With respect to new innovative designing thinking, there is a needto constantly brainstorming the opinion between us to enhance the skills (Silverman, 2016). This week has provided the information regarding brainstorming technique to me that helps to make decision making in an organisation. It is observed that there are certain rules of brainstorming such as don’t judge but say yes, go for quantity but keep in mind we need fluency means lots of ideas and flexibility means lots of different ideas (Ledford, and Gast, 2018).

There is also a need to get involve radical factors such as weird, wild, stupid and absurd. Furthermore, need forsharing the credit, develop, and release the new ideas. This week was also effective for me as it has improved my perception regarding fifty phrases that kill creativity. This week has increased my knowledge regarding journey mapping. This mapping is associated with selection of customers, graphically represent the view of what the customer journey looks like, identify a small number of customers, conduct an interview, and address the theme, study themes and map journey of each persona (Smith, 2015). I have also increased my understanding in depth with illustration given by tutor such as cook dinner for friends. Thus, I am able to use journey mapping in the future. I have also enhanced my knowledge about need assessment in designing thinking. Thus, I would be able to design the thinking in the future.

Design Thinking and Value Chain Analysis

During the week 6, I have increased my understanding value chain and network. This week was also beneficial for me to understand the mind mapping and introduction to research. During this week, it is pointed that value chain helps in identification of competencies and capabilities that could be further assessed to demonstrate if they can provide the sustainable economic benefits (Quinlan, Babin, Carr, and Griffin, 2019).

In this week, I have built my knowledge about discrete practices and how they can contribute towards the benefits of consumers and how they added in cost. This week would be effective for me to address the activities where an organization has a particular strength or weaknesses. This can help me to address the key resources practiced within anorganizationand also aids to generate value. This week is also providing me the opportunity to gain my knowledge regarding the generic value chain. It would support me to become a good operational manager by developing awareness regarding how to deliver added value to customers. This week has also increased my knowledge about the Deckers Outdoor. In this way, it is pointed out that there are different roles of retailers in Deckers Outdoor such as promotion, design and market research (Choy, 2014).

This week has also increased my knowledge of the value network. In this way, it is pointed out that the value network contains the set of inter-organizational link and associations that are required for generating the products or services (Dang, and Pheng, 2015).

I have also enhanced my understanding that value network is beneficial for understanding the structure of cost and price.This week is also suitable for me addressing the profit pools and also supports me to make or buy decision. It is significant for me to make partnering and relationship.

Through this week, I have enhanced my experience regarding alternative value chain diagram and value chain approach. It also enhanced my research skills by developing the knowledge about the research and data collection methods such as primary and secondary data collection technique.

This week was beneficial for me to gain knowledge regarding the differentelements of research such as research approaches, data types, data sources, and ethics. During this week, I was competent to understand the ethical design that led tothe investigation and ethical co-creation. I have observed that there are different sources of data such as a questionnaire survey, focus group, document, websites, statistics, reports, interviews,and observation. In this way, I have obtained depth information regarding a questionnaire survey and interview-based survey. In this way, I have pointed out that the semi-structured interview involves rough questions, order,and exact question and enables exploring the unexpected avenues. Along with this, it is found out that an unstructured interview is associated with very close conversation and completely open-ended questions (Wiek and Lang, 2016).

Types of Research and Ethics in Business

This week also reflected the participants and non-participant observation as it would aid me to observe the respondents effectively. During this week, I have increased my knowledge regarding the negotiating participation. It is evaluated that negotiating participation should be clear, non-deceptive along with honest (Walliman, 2017). There is also a needfor appropriate rewards, informed consent, clear expectation management, and privacy (afWåhlberg, 2017). This research improves my investigation skills by developing an understandingof how to conduct during and after the research. In such a manner, I have pointed out that during the research, an investigator should focus on expectation management, skillful customer engagement, conscious awareness of power, and mutual respect. Moreover, after the research, I will report back to customers, deliver promised rewards and honoring agreements and re anonymity. This week was also beneficial for me as it has created my knowledge about the principle of co-creation. I have also gained my experience in the development of the concept, and assumption testing. Thus, it would be effective for me to enhance my professional career. 

During the week 8, I have gained my understanding regarding planning the learning launch.It was also significant for me to gain the knowledge regarding the assumptionof testing. I have also enhanced my experience with the metrics that I can use to measure the success of the assumption being tested. This module has also enhanced my understanding regarding the capital requirement that helps to launch the learning. I have also learned that how Pfizer and Nicorette had effectively launch the smoking-cessation program through pharmacies, internet, and employers. I have also enhanced my experience regarding required tight boundaries like time, goals and location. I have also increased my understanding with respect to pre-launch the expectation of customers and possibly contracts. This learning is beneficial for me to emphasize on the untested assumption such as trial diverse approaches thus, I feel free to the addressed problem. In this week, it is pointed out that stress is the need for increasing the honest and generating the feedback (Mukhopadhyay, and Gupta, 2014). It is addressed that the company should provide time to the user in order to discover the prototype on their own terms (Jamshed, 2014). It is observed that this prototype is fast feedback cycles and solid conflict resolution mechanisms that make me feel real in the investigation (McCusker, and Gunaydin, 2015). I have also increased my experience that the real launch requires investment for developing the innovation in order to develop the solution and innovation for launching and marketable phase. It is also pointed that company should endorse the solution/innovation to the market and also generates a leading and an appropriate development team such as human resource team (Karp, et. al., 2016). Thus, it will aid to me to become a good innovative researcher in the future.

Interviewing and Prototype Testing

During the week 9 & 10, I have developed my knowledge regarding the action plan. In this way, I have addressed the key events and activities that I can undertake for addressing the development requirement. This could be mostly in the table format. In this way, concrete and practical events and practices are required such as, for identified weakness, there is a needfor struggling the research methods (Hickson, 2016). Moreover, there is a need for developing the action plan such as learns more regarding research techniques (Neuman, 2016).

This learning is beneficial with respect to personal development as a consequence of experiencing entrepreneurial and DT practices in this research. It is also effective in terms of developing the knowledge as a consequence of experiencing the entrepreneurial and DT practices in this research (Azhdarzadeh, et. al., 2015). Thus, this week has not only developed my personal skills but also enhanced my professional skills.

During this week, I made group presentation so, as a group, I was excited for demonstrating the topic and as a part of the presentation, I had an opportunity for identifying the other members who were presented different innovative topics in the class. Hence, I have gained my understanding from that how DT has been practiced in other sectors to address the issues creatively. Particularly, our presentation was of 13 minutes on topic solving issues in company culture via DT and all the 5 members of our team are contributed very well in all the aspects. This week has also enhanced my experience regarding the definition of design thinking, statement of the problem and certain techniques like brainstorming and journey mapping that I was entailed highly during our journey.This technique was beneficial for me to perform my responsibility in an effective manner. These techniques had provided different opportunity to understand the issues such as I have understand this aspect through different example related to gender bias issue faced by women in company culture (Alvesson, and Sköldberg, 2017). I have improved my skills in this week by acquiring the feedback and suggestion through my tutor. I have improved my experience of the real mind mapping diagram and some other techniques that aid me to make innovation in research.

· Competent tounderstand new concept

· Active listener

· Lack of confidence

· Lack of patience skills

· Lack of communications skills

· Active listening proficiency enable to acquire higher sustainable advantageous


· Lack of patience that creates major concerns for resolving the issues in limited time with cost


Identification of Speech

This will help to assess whether I can sound effective or ineffective




This will aid me for improving the language barriers and articulation in an effective way.



Procedure of thought

This will support me for comprehending the situation before responding towards the behaviour of others




It will aid to deeply comprehend my personality that can aid to enhance my confidence level.



Determine issue

It will aid to determine the issue in an effective way with regards to confidence level. It will aid to persuade more audience because of feasible identification of concern.  



Combined Model: Self-awareness


I would be competent for addressing my feelings in deep.  


Ability Model


I would be competent for developing the depth understanding regarding emotions with behaviours.


Trait Model


This model will improve the competency for controlling myself and positively respond with regards to failure or success. It will facilitate me for resolving the issue in a reliable way.


Mixed model


I will be proficient to assess the approaches in depth way.


Combined Model: Group Skills


It will aid me to develop the robust liaison in an effective and efficient way. The group communication skill would aid to enhance professional competency in significant way.


From the above interpretation, it can be concluded that I have certain weakness such as lack of patience and confidence skills. I will use certain key activities and events for enhancing the weakness such as trait model, ability model, and identification of speech and language that aids to improve my weakness. I will also attend the research initiatives and participate in class as it will support me in enhancing the research skills.      


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